Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Recent Pics

New Hat Taryn made for me

Sweetest little boy

My Wonderful Family

My Sweetie and me

Fun Time

Joys of my Life


  1. Ahhhh, your boy has so wonderful crystal clear eyes!

    Since I am getting older I appreciate family more. I can't get children, but I have a wonderful dog called Puk. And I'm sure in life there is always a meaning and there are "creatures", who cross your way to connect in love and it doesn't matter, if human, animals or even plants :-)
    (I hope so, hehehe…)

    I like the cap/hat it looks absolutely handmade. I wish, I could knit. In Eugene must be still warm temperatures, because I see t-shirts and no socks on your photos :-) Here the weather 've really changed the last 2 weeks, definitively autumn…

    All the best for you and your lovely family! Have a great and maybe sunny weekend!

  2. Blogger isn't notifying me of comments, gotta talk to Taryn and see how to fix that... Thank you. Many blessings to you and yours.



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