Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our "Natural" State..... and "Normalcy"

Our Natural State,
Is Bliss... Joy
 It's what we were
 before we decided
 to do something different.
But alas that is the course of Life..
We did something Different
because that's what we all do..
We Evolve..
But a time does come when 

We Again come to Rest

It's like a wave...

Of Light

Coming from the Center.

That becomes the All

And the All
 Feels Like Rest
And Joy, and Bliss
and Ecstasy..
And a Glowing Potential.

For a Man or Woman 
who has Known the ALL.
They Can't help but Crave it,
Until they can become It again.

Maybe in the Shadows of that Light..
Nothing else seems Quite real..

Men and Women
who have,"Known the All".
Have historically
been Feared.

And you know what kind of trouble you can get into 
when other folks be a fearin ya.

So these Men and Women..
Have gone Underground
Don't talk about it..
Fear of being Hung or burned or whatever
emblazened within their DNA,
where it came over from Times Before.

Some keep it hidden from themselves.
Pretend that it never happened to them.

But the reality is,
It's happened to All of Us..
In the Beginning...

Just before our Intention to Become something..

So now that we're Done Becoming.

The Game changes..

Now we are 

Accepting the Light.

It is
Time to Accept the Light..

I've held my Breath

for most of my Life

to keep the Light at Bay..

If you don't breathe much..
that pesky Light
won't be constantly pushin up against ya.
And you can maintain
some semblance
of Normalcy.


I was born in the early 50's

When it was all about being NORMAL..

Well at least it was in our household..
That was our Religion..
Not whatever we went to Sunday School for.
And that ,"Normal"
was soooo small.
And so ...
screwed up 
(to use the scientific term).

And I really had a difficult time fitting into it...

I think the word,Normal" 

should be banned..

Take it out of the dictionaries
and whenever anyone mentions it
just pretend you don't know what they are talking about..


I think I digressed..

OH yeah...

Our Natural State

Time to Rest

and let It Be.


Accept The Light 

that lives in your Heart...

and Forever...



  1. Very deep & meaningful. I just returned from a church meeting, & was clearly in the minority or a "mis-fit." Before & after the wonderful speaker, all the talk was about the" cute jewelry, purses, where did you buy that?, going on a cruise, going to the condo,". Then I read your words, & I thought this is for me & can just let all of that fluff & chitchat go. I am thankful I found your blogs. Mary Ann

  2. Blogger isn't notifying me of comments, gotta talk to Taryn and see how to fix that... Thank you for your words...



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