Monday, September 10, 2012

"The Quickening", Radiation..... The Sun.... and the Apocalypse Some Truth

Whenever I'm out working for hours on my sanding machine I kind of go into a Zone.
All thoughts fade away...
And suddenly I'm getting all this profound information.
And it's like...
I want to write it down, but I'm always so far behind in my work..
and the chances I get to actually get on my mnachine working
are rare, 
so I just keep working, hoping I might remember.
But the thing is when I'm in that zone...
It's not like I'm in a Data storing mode.
The only way I can get that info...
is to get back in the zone...
But I remember some seeds.
And will attempt to follow them now.

It's about the Sun
"The Quickening" 
and the Apocalypse .

Kind of a multi level Awareness..

OK, I've talked before about what is termed,"The Quickening"
It's the energetic change that most aware folks are noticing these days.
How it is rooted in what I sometimes call,
Creation Hitting the Wall,
Or God Hitting the Wall...
Or you can call it the ,"End of Times"
If you have a gloomy nature.
But basically it's the point that occurs every so many thousands of years...
OK, I'm just going to talk straight out, even though this whole concept drives some folks crazy..

God Reincarnates...
Just like every cell that makes up God...
(Namely us)
Some religions that are less built upon the need to control people
and more upon reality recognize this point.
I believe one has the term, "Yuga"
for an incarnation of God.

Well it kind of works like this...

For thousands of years God evolves.
This is an outward evolution...
A creating into the emptiness
a filling of a void so to speak.
Each new soul that comes into creation is on the outer edge of the whole creation....
Spawning like cell division from ones before it.
It's like a huge Web
expanding outward to fill God's dream.
(so to speak).
But a point comes every so many thousands of years where 
the Dream Culminates..
Where the outward expansion ceases...
And the Web instead of getting larger....
begins to expand within Itself.
Think of it like this:
The Web started as One thing...
Like a Star splitting,
yet still connected to the original Star..
with this cord of Light..
With this essence of Star so to speak.
As each one replicated...
The Web formed.
But built into this whole system was the distance that each Star was from the next one..
A distance that eventually is filled, 
as part of the whole thing is...
These Stars Grow in Size to fill the void between them.
The fact is the first "Stars" that came into this Creation
 have all merged into this huge light at the Center,
Which is sometimes referred to esoterically as,
"The Spiritual Sun"
Anyway for millenniums these Stars replicate outward
 (and grow larger within the Web).
When the individual Stars fill the void that was allotted them;
the space between them and the next Star,
We have what I call Culmination.
That point in individual evolution
when that Stars Unique Separate Expression is Made.
Done Deal...
Purpose complete.
And at that point that Star begins to merge with those around it..
With the Spiritual Sun.
This is the Individual Soul,
"hitting the Wall"
This is where folks ,"become Spiritual"
And instead of adding things to the definition of who they are..
They begin to merge with ,"The Big Picture"
Just as this happens to the Individual soul.
It also happens to God.
And God hit that wall some time back,
probably around the 60's.
Now what is happening is 
as new souls are created,
rather than expanding outward to fill a void...
Since the void has it's limits each time..
and has been filled,
the new souls expand Within the whole of God.
This compresses everything.
The "Light" of all the Stars being compressed.
Increases in potency.
This is ,"the Quickening".

So we're at a point in evolution where the Light of God
(you could say)
Is dramatically increasing.
The newest souls ...the young souls have not had a chance to Culminate their expressions.
They are still in the "Collecting things to define themselves" mode.
The fact is they've been put on a fast track..
And to them this Imposition of the Light...
Is a major bummer.
These are the folks who make wars....
whose Greed and Lust and desire for power
puts them in positions of control..
What it really comes down to is they are Fighting the Light...

It's not evil...
It's Just the way it is...  
They really don't have a lot of choice..
They are just trying to find their place in the scheme of it all...
Like everyone has done
or is doing..

But we have to be able to recognize them for what they are..

And entities like our Government
the AMA (American Medical Association)
The FDA (Food and Drug Association)
Etc etc etc.
Are run by them...

So realize that the information they give you 
might not be in your best interest..
In fact most likely isn't.

For Example:

"The Sun Causes Cancer"

What a total CROCK!

The Sun is what nourishes our souls and bodies
it keeps us ALIVE.
It keeps the planet Alive.

What gives us Cancer is all the unnatural CRAP
they tell us is good for us that we put on, and in our bodies.

Yes.... the Intensity of the Sun is increasing...

Just as the Intensity of the Light is increasing...
See the connection?

Well here's the bottom line.
In regards to the Sun..
and the Light..
And for that matter, Radiation...

If we fight it...
it burns us.
If we let it in,
It illuminates us..

Sure it'll expose all the crap we've loaded into ourselves..

But if we don't judge that Crap...
If we just allow it to be what it is...
And if we allow it to be Illuminated....

We will be Illuminated.

En  LIGHT end.

Of course they will tell us to avoid the Sun.

I even read where they are thinking of sending up planes or "airships" to dump crap into the atmosphere.
to block the Sunshine..
"To save our Planet.."

This was in the News..

I read it on Yahoo news..

Why don't we spend those Billions figuring out how to quit polluting the planet and destroying the ozone layer...

Instead of covering up the symptoms.


Just like Modern Medicine..

Modern medicine cures NOTHING
It simple covers up the Symptoms.

Now let's use science to do the same thing.

It didn't work with Medicine.
People got sicker

It won't work with science...

So here's the thing:

Accept the Light..

Let it shine in..

Let it fill you up...

Resistance is Futile...

Evolve Now.


En Light en.

And don't worry about the Apacolypse
about God's Life and yours coming to an end..

Now this is difficult to explain.
But in the last instant
And in between one life and the next...

Is an eternity.
in the blink of an eye.

At that Eternity has 3 outcomes.
One is a Heaven Realm.
One is a Hell Realm..
And one is....
(for lack of a better word)

And what determines how you will spend that eternity
in the blink of an eye..
is ....Hmm?

Where your heart is..

Do you live in Joy?

Do you live in Fear..

It's as simple as that, so

Feed the Joy.


  1. Another really nice communication Jeff!

  2. I hear ya bro. Yep geo engineering they call it, tiny particles of aluminum sprayed as chem trials... crazy. I choose to 'feed the Joy' - stay upfull, sun gaze, shine... Bless you and your family.

  3. Great post! I am a fair skinned person and I believed the misinformation about the sun for a very long time. Only this summer did I begin to find out about vitamin D's fantastic benefits and the beautiful sun being the best source for it. What you have written makes a lot of sense. There are indeed only 2 places to experience all of creation from, Love (or joy, as you like to call it) or fear.
    I read lots of disheartening information on the internet, trying to understand our world and my place in it and if I begin to feel the negativity creeping in to my being I like to come to your blog to get some uplifting feelings. You guys never let me down.
    Please know that you are spreading so much joy by sharing with us all.
    Thank you very much for that and I send it right back to you! Keep up the positive, joy filled work : )

  4. Blogger isn't notifying me of comments, gotta talk to Taryn and see how to fix that... Thank you so much. I didn't think anyone was reading, it's so wonderful to get feedback.



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