Friday, February 8, 2013

Solving our Nations Problems in 4 easy steps

Our Country is a MESS
The Corporations OWN the Politicians
Right up to and including the President.
This is at the root of all the Wars
this is at the roots of all Poverty
and injustice.
But there is a very simple 4 point solution to all of this.
I'm going to call it 
"the Jeff Plan"
(just to get a little credit for saving the world)

Here it is.

1. All politicians will be paid at a level of lower middle class.
(during their tenure no other source of income will be allowed).

2. Lobbyists will be thrown out of Washington.
(Corporations are not people, any politician caught taking lobbying money (ever) will be thrown in jail for 25 years).

3. All candidates will be allowed the same amount of money for their campaigns which will come from a General Fund. (which there will be plenty of because the wars and payments to Banksters will naturally end)

4. All Senators and Congressmen and the President must only wear bathing suits when conducting Governmental business.
(creating a political body which is HUMBLE,
 rather than one believing they are Omnipotent)

That's it....
Do that and watch the world Change for the better. 

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