Thursday, March 21, 2013

Really EERIE Dream

I was laying there asleep when everything began shaking.  An Earthquake, YIKES. I reached over Bracken and shook Taryn to wake her up.  Things kept shaking. Taryn finally woke up and I told her we were having an earthquake.  It just kept going on and on.  Finally it stopped and we went back to sleep, no major damage but I knew there would be somewhere.
The next morning I was out in the yard with Bracken when this plane started circling really low.  I got weird vibes and told Bracken to hide...which of course he didn't, he had some serious Playing to do.  The plane circled around and came down really low..... then landed outside.   
Things were laid out a little different in the dream, we were suddenly on flat land, it was pretty dry.  There was a Mobile home on each side of our place.  I didn't even notice what our place looked like.  I was looking at the neighbor with the big property (very small actually and a shabby trailer, but in the dream he was our rich neighbor).  The guy who got out of the plane was visibly freaked out, his wife was screaming from inside the house, pretty hysterically.  I knew the guy, I used to work with him many years ago, and still see him at Market, he's retired and runs a farm we trade with now for apples. 
He didn't look like he was in the mood for conversation, running around like a chicken with his head cut off.  Not being one to let that stop me, and curious if I could help with whatever had him freaked out, I said, " Wow, that was quite the earthquake last night."  "He said, "It was a 20.0". I said I didn't know it went that high and he said that it never had before that one.
I overheard his TV and realized something very major had happened.  All Hell had broken loose.
  Then I felt another shake and looked up at the sky. 
What I saw is a little hard to describe so bear with me.
When I meditate with my eyes open sometimes I can see the Light at the center of atoms, it's like everything has this white light glow made up of a gazillion stars....and it's like the sky is an ocean of a gazillion very very bright white tiny stars.  Well in the dream the sky was like this, but the stars were bigger than what I usually see, and were bright orange.  The whole sky was like a swirling mass of orange stars.  I went back to our house and saw Taryn and asked her if she saw that, but she didn't....and neither did Bracken who was probably 10 years old now. He didn't see it either.   
I was worried, I knew the shit had hit the fan and pretty soon folks would be running amuk, without access to food and utilities etc.  We weren't that well set up for food either but I figured I could manage, I'd do some hunting and gathering....and our location was on high ground surrounded with neighbors.
Well Bracken and I walked down the road and I was kind of thinking about things when we came to this small wood, like a thicket.  I saw a gun laying half covered with leaves and went and picked it up.  It was a shot gun, and had some shells.... and worked.  Well that was a score.
Then we walked back towards our place.
We had neighbors on each side, I'd spoken to the one on our left side and now came to the one on the right.  I had never met these folks, they'd just moved into this single wide green shabby looking mobile home with an awning.   They were standing under the awning and I told them they had a really nice place (makes me wonder what ours was like if I thought our neighbors shabby places were nice).  Anyway I said howdy and  looked up at the Orange swirling sky and asked if they saw that, and they didn't.   Then I went home to Taryn and had a realization that our only salvation was to meditate.  To become one on an energetic level, and at Peace with everything that was happening....and I wanted to tell this to everyone and asked if she'd get neighbor folks together.   
I was standing under the neighbors awning with them, I told them I wanted to tell them something I thought was important.  Taryn showed up with one other neighbor woman and I was preparing to talk.   I was preparing what I wanted to say, and knew it would sound like Greek to these folks. I was going to give them some background and speak about Kriya Yoga and Going Into the Light as a means of saving ourselves. So I began,
I said, "Back in 1970 I had what some folks would call an experience in Cosmic Consciousness, others might call it a Religious Experience or an Initiation...."   
That was as far as I got.
  Suddenly there was like this whoosh, and it was like there was an invisible energy that moved through the orange sky like a wave.  Like there was this intensification of energy, that almost had form, but not was like a wind of fire and it was moving quickly and trees were catching fire in the tops and the sky was lighting up (so that everyone could now see) ... And ash and fire was raining down everywhere.  In my head I heard the word ,"Demon" and knew that at one time this might have been described as one, or a Dragon.... but those were just fleeting thoughts, I never saw anything like that.  
Everyone had taken off from under the Mobile Homes canopy that had fire and huge chunks of ash raining down on it, and was running away.
I sat down on the porch there and closed my eyes and meditated.  I let myself become One with everything and felt it flowing through me.....  I was safe...
then woke up.

It took me a while to get back to sleep.

I've had dreams like this for a long long time.
The first time I had one I was very young and hadn't really devoloped too many opinions about things..... but the very noteable thing of that first dream, that really made me wonder was.....

There was this Intense energy blasting across the land .  And what I found ...... really strange was that it was the Churches that were the first things to burn.   They were like just blasting apart, where the fire just sort of rolled over everything else.

This is interesting because this was long before I'd gotten the opinion that Organized religion was probably the most destructive force this planet has known. And I remember years later wondering if this was a vision of the end of the world and God was the most pissed off at Organized Religion and how they has corrupted the Truth for their own ends.
Now of course I know there is no super entity that works in that fashion.  No vengeful angry super hero entity, but rather a One that is the All.
But you know there is this group of vermin that infests the planet.
It's motivated by Greed, and lust for power, and a lot of other nasty attributes.  A group that is part of the All One that is potentially capable, and proves this daily, of doing a lot of damage to this planet, and human and animal kind.  A Group of Dark Souls that has through their Fear, and Greed and Lust created things that could be a fire sweeping across the land destroying everything in it's path.  

HMM??? The thought just crossed my mind of how at one time this destructive force, like a fire across the land destroying everything sacred..... was the Crusades ..... and at another time it was the Inquisition....and another time it was the murder of indigenous populations through the idea of "Manifest Destiny".. And the slavery of colored humans under the idea that they were inferior and like unto animals.. All of these evil destructive things under the cloak of ,"The Church".

Nowadays it more under the cloak of Governments..... but i imagine it's still orchestrated by the same dark souls. 

And maybe that dream I had as a young child, of the fire rolling across the land at the hand of God, destroying the Churches...... was just built upon lifetimes of my anger against an institution that claimed to exist for good, but manifested primarily the opposite of that.         


  1. Fire is a force of transformation. Interesting dream. Did you have a difficult childhood? Children often know more and hear things from adults that they don't understand. And sometimes dreams are how we work out problems we are having in real life.

  2. Difficult childhood? HMM? I was very sensitive and had strong past life memories as well as seeing Fairies and angels.... but I had no one to talk to. My parents believed that children were to be seen (sometimes) and not well as used for free labor... But we did not have communication in our family. I never felt like I had a difficult childhood because it was all I knew, but in later life when I saw parents who spoke with their kids, I thought it was a rare and cool thing. My dream life has always been very intense, sometimes I'm already dreaming before my eyes close, and dream solid all night long...and have to wake up to get rested. I have whole alternate worlds and lives that are consistent....and a group of souls I meet regularly in the Dreamtime, only in recent years meeting some of these folks (in real life)...that was a shocker.

  3. The fire and shaking and ash in the sky sounds like a nuclear bomb to me... and I wonder if the trailers/changed scenery, is some kind of post-apocalpytic or wartime world?

    Really awesome and intense dream, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Mary....Glad to say I have a lot of very High Inspiring dreams as well

  4. Karyn in MontanaApril 6, 2013 at 3:42 PM

    Organized religion, men die and kill other men for it. Just the other day the Mormons came by to teach me the gospel, I just had to do this, Jeff you would be proud, I answered the door with a knife in my hand and said, I'm sorry I am paagen and I was just about to do a ritual would you like to conme in? They didn't even say goodbye and couldn't get off my property fast enough.

    1. He he.... sorry it took so long to respond and post, bloggers not notifying me when I get comments.



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