Sunday, March 17, 2013


What the Sheep,
who blindly follow don't realize.
Is that their shepherd is only protecting them from the wolf,
so that he himself can one day in His time,
Eat Them.
And the sad thing is,
in their hearts the sheep know this,
but choose the false temporary sense of security,
Over Freedom, Awareness, Truth and Life.

Many will choose a false sense of security over Truth,
Because the Pathway to Truth 
Is littered with Obstacles.
And it requires Strength
and a certain Fearlessness
to overcome these obstacles.
And the Shepherd has convinced the Sheep
that they are weak
and Fearful....
And they have come to believe it.

And so  they Give up their Growth
For "security".

There is one thing that goes without saying about 
"Being Secure".

When you are secure,

You can not Move.

If you can not move,
You can not Grow.

If you can not Grow,
you are as good as Dead.

The Preacher and President
are selling  a Prison. 
And Fear and Weakness
make it an easy sell.

And what is really really sad is that the name of this Prison 



And those who choose not to be Prisoners

are the Outcasts. 



  1. Hi Jeff,

    I do so appreciate this and your two former posts.
    It´s soo true what you express...
    At the moment I work to become more fearless.
    I found a wonderful book "Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body, Companion Guide to Self-Mastery" from Jessie Ayani. Unfortunately it is not available in German so it is hard work on this level too.
    But it is the only one I found that helps to free the "I" from all that do not serve you.

    You sign for the organic farm is so beautiful!!!

    All the best for you and your dear ones

    1. Thanks Heike, Many blessings to you and yours

  2. Dude- I love the Pope :) I think I'm living pretty counter culturally by being a believing Catholic. We're actually quite radically different and other worldly ;) You must be inspired with this post-- did you know that Pope Francis talked about "not moving" in his first homily? Check it out here:

    Catholics are all about moving, growing, changing :)

  3. hi jeff
    great blog . i really like ur blog and also wonderful comments on spritual forum in 2011 . i was shocked by ur perfound vision in supernatural matters. unfortunately i do not have any email or way to contact u . i really appreciate if u take time and answer some of my questions. i live in iran. and maybe we loose internet very soon.
    wish the best for u and ur lovely child.

  4. hi jeff
    great blog. i read most of ur wonderful posts on spritual forum . and i was really shocked by ur purfound vision in spritual matters. i would really appreciate if u take some answering my questions. i live in iran ( a country which u may be jailed for such beliefs . i feel i am lost . plz help me
    feel free to contact me at i means a lot to me
    best wishes for u and lovely family

  5. Jeff, I am new to your blog, and I am very much impressed. Totally agree with this post. Guilt and fear are the main weapons of the "kind" shepards. Best wishes from Ireland. Irina

    1. Hi Irina, sorry it took so long to get back. Blogger doesn't tell me if someone replies.....and I've been so busy lately I don't get a chance to check. Best wishes to you from Oregon... ( I don't claim the US )



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