Saturday, March 16, 2013

FAITH, A most Mis-Understood Word

I think Faith is one of the most Mis-Understood words in the English Language. 
First let's talk about what Faith is not.
Faith is not believing something you have read, or been told, just because the source claims authority in the matter. 
 This is a blind acceptance that only leads to deeper Ignorance.
Some people will tell you that faith does not require proof..... and this claim is usually put forth by those sources who claim Authority, to insure a blind acceptance of whatever the particular Doctrine or Deity or Super Hero they are attempting to Sell you.
Muslims have "Faith" in the claimed words of their Prophet, and accept it all as true. (even the contradictions).
Christians have "Faith" in the claimed words of their Prophet, and accept it all as true. (even with all the contradictions).
Children have "Faith" that Santa will come on Christmas, and the Easter Bunny on Easter, yet us grown-ups know the "Truth" of that.
The problem is that this "Faith" of the blindly following religious zealot, and of the child..... is that it does not lead to Truth.

I have "Faith"
Real Faith
But it isn't blind.
Because it is based in Truth that I have experienced.
I have Faith that the Sun will come up in the morning, because it has for many lifetimes done just that.
And I have faith that my soul will get everything it needs to Grow, because for lifetimes that has been the case.
I have Faith that Love Heals and restores balance, because I have observed this to always be so.

True Faith comes from a long observance of immutable Laws,
not a blind acceptance of some claimed Authorities Doctrines, Deities or  Super Hero's.

The "Faith" of the "Faithful" only leads them deeper into subservience to things not real.

Real Faith leads to the Truth.  

"Faith" has been used by those claiming authority: (definition of authority:,"The power to enforce laws, exact obedience, command, determine, or judge."), to gain control, exact obedience,enforce laws and judge those who foolishly submit to the authorities concept of Faith.   
 This "Pseudo-Faith" has been easy to sell, as it brings a the sense of Peace that comes when one gives up their Free Will and submits to another's will.
  The freedom that abdicating for the Truth of one's Life Responsibility brings.  
A sheep gives it's Faith (and responsibility to care for itself) up to the Shepherd.... it's an easy life just grazing on the grass with no worries, because the shepherd will care for you...
It's an easy life when we don't need to seek Truth within ourselves and our Life because someone else has it all worked out for us, and we can just blindly accept (have faith) in what they are telling us.   
The Sheep will accept dogma full of contradictions and outright lies, for the pseudo peace that comes from not having to take responsibility for their own Lives.

So if you consider yourself Faithful.... 
What kind of Faith do you have.
Does it expand your soul,
or put it comfortable into a seemingly safe little box?   
Does it bring you a huge Love for your fellow man,
or does it give you Judgments of your fellow man.
Does it command obedience,
or show you Freedom ?
Does it make you a Follower of others,
or teach you that you are the Master of your own Destiny?

Those who relinquish their Free Will, to the "Faith" of self proclaimed Authorities, will not find the Truth, or their Purpose in Life.  
Many of the "Faithful" have become Sheep to False Authority because, rather than having real Faith, they have actually lost it, and rather than seeking to find Truth, because sometimes ..... no actually always, it has an aspect of Pain attached with it's discovery.   So the weak and unfaithful choose to become "the Faithful" so they can end the pain of Discovery, because the judgments that they place on what they discover, cause them pain.
Those with true faith learn that the judgments are what keep them from real Faith, and that the Judgments that they have placed upon aspects in the world around them, are really judgments on aspects of themselves.  And to be Truly Faithful one must cease judging, and begin perceiving what truly is.  
Faith is knowing Truth through a long history of perceiving what truly is.   

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