Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Path is........

And some really cute Pictures of Bracken, Taken by Taryn...and me modeling my new hat Taryn knitted for me

It's difficult to put a Title up there First Thing at the Top, when you have no Idea what you are about to say.
Not Writing much these days, Busy with taking care of the Family and keeping up with keeping the Money flow coming in, so the bills can be paid,  and after the "Christmas Hit" (the car accident)..... I'm a few months behind in my work...... My Mantra has been,
"Just trying to get caught up on,
what I was trying to get caught up on,
when I was trying to get caught up."

But I have to write
my soul commands it..
And basically for the same reason
I dance, or play my guitar, or do artwork...

Because it puts me up against...
whatever it is that holds me back.

" Let your Freak Flag Fly"
Jimi said that,
And here's my take on that.

We are each unique souls
each of us has a unique contribution to make
to the Whole that we are part of.

But pretty much from the day we were born,
that uniqueness was drummed out of us.
By our schools, our parents, our friends.

They all wanted us to be a certain way...
And when we weren't always...
we'd be judged, 
and sometimes punished..

And most of the time we didn't even see
how we were being manipulated away from Ourselves.

So we held our toungue
kept parts of the world we knew

We all do it

Bracken taking a pea seed from my hand to plant in his first Garden

Probably one reason I rarely return to this blog is that....
I still Hide. And I don't want to see that,
or feel it's deep loneliness.

You know I think that most lonely people
are not really lonely for someone else,
but rather for themselves,
for who they really are.....
beyond who they have become for the world they were born into.

I censor my words because of Lifetimes of Harsh Judgment....
And the punishing, on whatever level....
stains our souls.....

And to be true to our uniqueness
We should share what we know,
and who we really are.
All the deep Judgments
and punishments from the Past,
that," stain upon our souls".... 
...Heavy stones in the Backpack
that have really no useful function,
once we have made our Unique Separate Expression 
through the world of Duality. 

"Let your Freak Flag Fly",
In other words, 
"Be true to your Soul."

You wanna know the purpose of Life...?

It's a 2 Part Purpose

Part One:  Make your Unique Separate Expression (Through the Collection of all things that will ultimately define you.)

Part 2:  Take out all those things you collected to define yourself...
Look at em real good.....

 With no Judgment Attached.

And then watch as they all dissolve into ONE THING

with Everything Else.

Do you want to know Truth?

Do you want to be One with God..?

Do you want to know the Path ? 

Well here's the thing,
you don't need to Follow anyone....
 to get there.

Because the truth is,

God is all around you...

At the center of every cell in your body

in that stone, and flower, bug and bird.....

In the dirt under my fingernails....

In the love from my heart...

Even at the heart of our thoughts....

In fact, there is Nothing in all Creation
that does not embody......God

God is the Indwelling Life.
AND the Manifested Form we call Creation.

Our DNA bought the Lie,
that God was some Great SuperHero who sat on the outside of Creation, Judging.... and doing all His Godley Things...
Watching over things,
and helping those who followed whatever Our particular "Faith" amounted to at the Time . 
And  you'd better follow His rules 
or get your butt kicked
by the Big Boot.
And whose existence made it possible for us , 
to stop looking for the meaning in our Life,
and in Life in general. 
Allowed us to go comfortably back to sleep,
knowing the world was as we had been told.

There was a lot of comfort in that,

but virtually no Growth.

Sorry...... that ain't it.

God is the whole dang thing..

The One that is the All.

And the coolest thing is that you can come face to face
with the ALL.
(Yikes, where'd my face go)
By going Deep enough
into anything in all Creation.

Here's the Truth that has been Hidden at horrible costs.

The Path is....


Nothing Exists

That does not belong. 

And at the Heart of Everything 

Is the One

and Everything...

This is the Simple Truth...

But humans have denied themselves access to Everything
They have picked, and chosen...
this and that,
according to the Unique Separate expression it is there Destiny to make
or have made.
The Desired things are collected
the feared things are shunned, and hidden.

It is the Fear Based Judgments 
that deny us access to Everything
The places we shun, 
within ourselves,
and through the world around us,
are what keep us from God.

Once we've made our Unique Expression 
and you could say our path has changed
 Back towards the Center
which is also the Periphery  ....

The Judgments no longer serve us,
and are the Biggest Hindurance
to the Souls Evolution Home...(so to speak)  
 Below is a good pertinent post about how we withhold our breath,
from all those things we have 
listed and lined up on the 
Negative side of our dualistic perception...
And how this is at the heart of most Ill Health.
And how the Breath is a Pathway back to Balance. 
A New Creation I burned into Red Alder Wood from out back..

OK, now here is a nice little "Esoteric Fact"
a little Magical Verse.....
That can mean nothing....

And everything

"We will find balance
and Oneness in It All
When we can Breathe into 
All of it.....
Equally.. "


Well I guess that's all the time I have for now,
Taryn and Bracken will be up soon,
and I have long list of things to do..... and the fire to feed....
and a day to carry on .
A shop full of buttons waiting to be finished today,
the supplies I've got piled up where the new chicken coop will be need to be moved so a tree can fall there...... and a million other things to do...

I just heard Bracken waking up....




  1. Keep speaking your truth. I love you.

  2. Yes Yes Yes... love to you all.

  3. I always appreciate your truth and honesty. How inspiring! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  4. truth that flows as the river, thoughts that float as the clouds, keep on speaking what lies deep within....peace to you always....Trud

    1. Thank you, sorry it takes me so long to reply, Blogger doesn't inform me of comments, and I'm so dang busy these days...



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