Friday, June 14, 2013

A Bunch of Cool trees and Awesome Mutant Earrings

 I Haven't written in a While.
So Busy
But here's a few of the things I made this week.

This one is carved in Mountain Mahogany..
Super Hard stuff, rare... and takes an amazing shine.
I set a very nice piece of Turquoise in it and strung it on some Picture Jasper and Amazonite and coco beads.
The one below is Really Rare,
It's a Yew that sat in a bog for maybe hundreds or thousands of years,
Turning it a deep Purple.
And it has this amazing smell of a "flowering Bog".
I set a Moonstone in it in a silver bezel, and strung it on some Coco, and Jet Beads that are really old. (My Grandmother gave them to me about 35 years ago.) It also has some Mother of Pearl beads I got back then as well.
 The one below is what Yew normally looks like.
This is from our front yard.
Our Goats ate the bush to death,
they got though a fence I built arounf it.
Luckily no one told them that Yew will kill goats...
they were just fine.
But the Yew didn't make it,
and so became Jewelry and Buttons.
I set it with Turquoise and strung it on picture Jasper and Turquoise.
 I call it "Peaceful Warrior Tree".
 The one below is Malachite in Mountain Mahogany.  Strung on Horn, coco, picture Jasper and Malachite beads.
 This is Carnelian set in Mountain Mahogany..
I call it Desert Sunrise Mountain Mahogany, for obvious reasons.
 This is a good gnarley tree in old Apple Wood.
A refrigerator magnet I burned.
Check out these Mutant Earrings.
The Branch grew weird like this.
This is from a Huge Old Hemlock in our front yard that was threatening to fall on our house.
I had topped it about 20 years ago....
then the center had rotted,
so we had to bring it down.
But it makes nice earrings, magnets and buttons...
Not to mention Firewood.

I love em, so cool and different.
They'll be on our shop soon, maybe Monday.
We have Market tomorrow... 
and want to finish some fencing on Sunday...

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