Saturday, August 10, 2013

We are What we Feared

When I was a kid we were taught to hate the Russians.
Because we were "the Good Guys"
Because they were not "Free" like us.
They would attack Sovereign nations murdering innocent people just to get power over them and steal their Resources.
They Spied on their Citizens...
If a person exposed the corruption of their Government, they would throw them in Prison.
They would detain folks they didn't like, indefinitely without a trial.

So our parents paid our Government their hard earned money to "protect" us from Them, and hopefully end their evil ways....

We are still paying our Government.

But now we are paying them to attack Sovereign nations, murdering their innocent citizens, so we can gain power over them and steal their Resources.
And we are paying them to Spy on us.
And we are paying them to imprison our Heroes who prove to us that they are robbing us for evil intent.
And we are paying them to imprison those of us that disagree loudly with their practices.
And we are paying them to protect Corporations who are slowly murdering us with Toxins for profit.
And we are Paying them so they can pass our money along to those who control our Government.
We are forced to pay them so that we can be part of a "Health Care" system that is at the heart of what makes us sick..
We are FORCED to pay them every time we turn around...

Of course Now they are "Protecting" us from "Terrorists."
From those nasty people who call us evil and want to protect the World from us.

It seems to me that we have become far worse than what it was we were once Trained to Fear.

And they still want us to believe that,

We are the "Good Guys"



  1. I know. Love you all, Trudy

  2. Sounds like we're from the same generation....AND fellow Oregonians!

    1. Yay Oregonians, Kitzhaber just stopped the GMO Canola..... Oregon Rocks



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