Monday, September 9, 2013

Liberty and Justice for All

We all say that we want to be Free
But we have lost the understanding of what, "Being Free",
and what "Liberty" actually means. 
Being Free essentially means,
"Following the Guide of Ones Own Soul. 
When we give ourselves up to another Authority,
 for the Dictates of our Lives,
We lose our Way
And are Not FREE.
When a Government, or Religion or any External Source demands that we follow their Laws,
 when those laws are contrary to our Souls plan for us
We lose our Way.
A Policeman,
 a Judge,
A Soldier.....
A Taxpayer...
...who must act in ways that do not align with their souls...
Have given up their Power
and their Ability to be on the
Powerful, Magical 
Flow of their True Path,
as it is known only in their Souls .
Once we are forced to perform actions
that go against 
Our Hearts Knowledge
We lose our Integrity with Life.
And we become the Puppets of those who control our Governments, our Religions,
 or whatever External Source we give up our Power to. 
And we have been these puppets for so long
that we no longer hear the voices of Our Hearts...our Souls.  
We were Trained
and we Learned
How to Subdue that Silenty
Roaring Voice of our Souls. 
Because each time we hear that Voice
It makes us see what puppets we have been
And all  the things that we have done
that were contrary to our Souls Truth ...

And that's Painful

And we've Learned and been programmed to
Avoid Pain...

How without Strength of our Integrity
With our Souls
We have Become.

We have been Manipulated
and we have accepted that Manipulation..

And we are forced to pay for the Bullets
that will Kill Innocent Children
in some foreign land
for no Good Reasons
and only bad ones .
And we are to tell the man 
who pulled the Trigger
on those children....
That he is a Hero...
And the men who sent him to murder,
are called Patriots....

And what about the dead children
What do we call them?
Are they hero's
or Patriots?....
or "just collateral damage"? 

Pretty much we just try not to think about:

* The poor dying children and innocents in foreign lands.
*The slow poisoning of the entire population of the United States
and most of the World.
* The Ignorant destruction of the planet
 that is our only Freakin Habitat.... 
* Peoples whose lives are ruined,
 they are put in Jail
simply because the man who owns the Jail....
needs more business
to become Richer....

And since the man that owns the Jail,
is also the one who makes up the rules...
and has an Army/National Guard/Policeman/Agent/ etc.
to back up the Laws that he made...
to Enrich Himself
at the Detriment of others...
While convincing those others
that they were lucky to be able to be
cogs in the Wheel... 

And now most of the population has been dummied down
to being little cogs in the wheel
 of A few Evil Men's 

And the Religions...
 It has been their job
To Maintain the Duality.
To Delineate and Define
Good and Bad
Right and Wrong..

And duality did have it's purpose for all those Milennia.

But now it's time to take It to the Next Level...

And that is UNITY...

If all those religions don't get real flexible
and realize the story they've been selling..
Is no longer Useful....
their Business is gonna suffer 
In the Coming Times.  He he

Like we humans need to be told these things because we're too stupid to figure it out.
 And are just basically bad if left to our own direction.

And there are certainly plenty of folks 
besides the ones who are  just doing their Governmental Jobs,
 that are doing horrible things to other people.

But here we're getting to a Crux.
When a person lives in line with their souls
under the direction of their souls
What they do...
is Perfect.

BUT when you have a population of people
whose Spirits have been Crushed...
Who have had the dreams of their souls
hidden and Lost...
Their Actions will not be Perfect,
will not be a Flowering
but rather a Forcing. 

It's funny how, "Magic" was given a negative Connotation.
When Magic is simply what happens when one is following their Souls.

Churches, If you want your religion to remain viable in the future,
you gotta help folks get in Line with their Souls.... 
and throw out your old Rulebook. 

OK...... What is this Soul I'm talkin about?
HMM??? How to talk about it?
This is an old story
going all the way back to Day 1.
Once Upon a Long Long Time ago.
It was all Dark...
 just nuthin but voidness...

and I don't think anything was going on..

But then out of Nowhere 
Popped this Piece of Light.

It was kind of shaped like a Paisley..
And it flew around and around in the Darkness.....
Then suddenly it kind of Shudderred
And then all of a sudden there was two of em
ALMOST Identical
and they were connectted by this 
Cord of Light.
The first one split off a certain number of times,
then the ones that split off from that one
They all shudderred too,
and then split off little ,
almost replicas
of themselves....
And these little lights
all connected to each other,
via that cord 
(which is kind of Gold/White colored)
They all were splitting off too..
And this whole huge outwardly expanding ball
was growing inside the Darkness
each one that split off
added to the size of the Ball.
And while this Ball of Light is Growing from the  Replication of  the Cells,
The Individual Cells are also growing in personal size.
Because for some reason each cell is "Born"
at a certain specified distance, from the ones that surround it.
I wish I could some how make a video,
or have a Fractal to show this.
Any way,   So you have these cells growing outward....
growing bigger in their light....
UNTIL they grow so big,
(as have their neighbors)
that they are rubbing shoulders with their neighbors
And their light begins to blend
and then they do....
So at the center of this Exponentially Expanding
Ball of Light
The first ones who were "split off"
The Oldest souls
So the center of this huge ball is growing in Light
 as the cells evolve,
then merge.
And the whole Ball is Expanding outward through the Void..

But here is the IMPORTANT POINT

The Huge Surprise

This Huge Ball of Light
of All the Cells ever in Creation
Has a Limit to how Big it Can Grow..
The Secret is,

The Void
which is the Potential of the Wholes Growth
 has an Outer Edge..
A Limit.

So to continue this explanation:
So we have this Huge Ball of Light made of a Google Gazillion cells of Light...
Finally hits the edge of the void....
or to put another way,
The limits of it's possible growth.
BUT, those dang little Paisleys of Light
Just keep Replicating....
and growing,
and so now having hit the edge of the Void,
the cells can no longer expand out into the void in a wonderful
Free for all.
Now they are expanding back within the Ball itself.
This is really messing with the Natural Space between the Cells.
As the ball begins to compress from the outside edge, 
from the pressure of the Lights
pushin up against each other...
And all the while the ones in the center keep merging,
so the Light at the Center of it
Is Expanding Outward
Souls merging
And the pressure of all the new ones
while being limited  from the ability to expand outward
creates what I call,

God reaching Critical Mass.

And then at the final Point.....

The whole big mass of a google gazillion million trillion cells

Compresses.....  and Merges

Into one thing.....

Then suddenly in the center of the void
 a single paisley light appears.
 It flys around a bit, 
Then Replicates...
And the whole  blessed thing
Happens again..
Only I imagine Somewhat different.
So, a soul is one of those Pieces of Light,
That make up that whole big ball of Light
that is Held in place
 with this huge Ball by golden cords,
that keep them at 
the distance of their future expansion,
from their own replications,
or the ones that spawned them.

And each has it's specific place to FILL up into
within the Whole Thing .

Each has it's own totally Unique Expression to Make
within the Whole Thing.

And all the Souls together,
Making their Unique Expressions
and Filling up their Unique Positions in the Web
of IT ALL..
Are what Allow the Whole Thing
To Grow in Light
To Evolve into a Greater Expression.

So here's another Clencher....

God hit the Wall some time ago....
And the inward compression 
is currently taking place.

This time is like no other...

So it's time to quit playing by the old rules,
which do not serve our Souls
or the Whole that we are part of.

It's time now to put our attention
where it needs to be.

And it's not easy,
becasuse it requires we see that we have not been living by our souls....
 and as such we have acted out of Balance with our true Purpose.
And now with the Pressure of the Light pushing on us
shadows can become more distinct.

We must not obsess on the Shadows.
That is part of yesterdays Fear.

We just gotta Relax..
And be Quiet...
And listen deeply.

We are no longer obsessed by,
old judgments of
who we were .
Instead we are obsessed
 with who we are in the Present Moment.

If everyone in the world were allowed to
Follow their Souls,
without hindrance from Governments or Church's,
or belief systems that Limit them....
Mankind would find itself living in Beauty and Harmony.

If each soul,
could expand it's light
without Hindurance..
The Unity would occur in and through
very Magical Times.

The System that currently Rules us
 is beyond Corrupt
And it's by it's own authority
That it rules you and me...
(And has fooled you and me into believing that we freely gave it that authority).

And it  rules by corruption
and following those corrupt rules,
we act in ways contrary to our Hearts and Souls.

Here's something to think about:

Folks like Bush and Cheney, and Ashcroft, Kissinger,
 Warlords Everywhere ....
Are the last souls right up next to the edge of the void... 
and they are compressing from the pressure of the whole thing.
They were basically gypped out of the whole
expanding portion of the Experience.
In fact the possible Limit of their Expansion.
Is less than all of those who came into being before,
the whole thing ran into the Edge of the Void.
We've all been through all that collecting of things
to define who we were... 
Stuff, ideas, experiences....
Lifetimes of experiencing.
Then the young ones on the outer edge,
at this time of Unity
Are just trying to get all their Collecting done
 in a lot less time and space.

So they get kind of mean, overly greedy, power hungry...etc.
But we could space it across centuries,
so it doesn't look quite so bad...he he.

But they gotta go for it.....
well that's what a young soul has got to do. 
There is no Liberty or Justice in the American System..
or any other "System" for that matter....
We have law after law that are not just
that serve no Good Cause.
That harm the souls of people...and lives
Simply for the Greed of a few Young Souls...

And we freakin let em do it...

But those of us who have partially awakened 
look around and see a sea of 
Hypnotized, drugged, dummied down, drone Sheep...

Oh Yeah,
That's also what we saw when
 we were lookin in the mirror....

So we gotta wake up,

and wake up our neighbors...

Remove the authority of The Oppressors.

And follow our Hearts. 

If enough soldiers, and policeman, and National Guard folks.......
and Teachers, and Preachers...... and politicians....would just

Then if we had a Government, 
it's purpose would be to ...

Serve the Good of the Souls of the People.
To make it possible for everyone
to follow their Hearts Dream...

Keep your freakin rules off us. 

A Government of the Peoples Heart and Souls
Will serve to create Beauty and Harmony,
to bring health and Peace to it's Peoples. 
And Prosperity will not be measured in money
but in Joy Experienced.
Because the natural Bi-Product of 
Following ones Soul
Is Joy. 

The Government and Church
Have made
Killing the Human Spirit
Into a Science.

Time to Free ourselves of their Authority,
and return the authority of our lives,
to our own souls...
our contribution...
and connection
to the Whole of It. 

It's time for the Judges
to refuse to Convict people
of breaking Unjust and unethical laws.
It's time for those who are told to Police with Force,
and Enforce Unjust and Unethical Laws....
to refuse to obey commands contrary to the good of the Spirit,
and the Souls of Creation. 
Time for soldiers to refuse to go to Wars 
that exist to satisfy Evil Purposes
 that are contrary to their souls.
Time for every single Taxpayer
to refuse to pay for war, 
or the poisoning of the population,
or the enforcing of Unjust Laws...
or the Destruction of the Planet.

Time for EVERYONE to stop following orders
That do not come from
The very center of their Being...

I know, your thinking..

"Sounds Great.... 

Not Possible...."

But the fact is it's inevitable,

but I'd prefer sooner than later

What we gotta do is 
Know It,
Live it
And Pass it ON...

Accept the Gift
of your Souls Voice.

And refuse to comply with that which 
commands that you deny It.

The only Real Authority in your Life,
Is your Soul .

Return to the Center

Return to the All.



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