Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's all About

It's all about what we Give
to the World.

To Make the Wheel Roll
You gotta push..

When we realize 
Our Connection..

Everything Changes.

I don't come around much to this blog,
I don't have  a lot of time..
always working ...

And I feel you out there...

But Blogger isn't freakin notifying me
if I happen to get a comment....
So as much as I come around here,
is as often as I read em.
It's not like a nice flow of communication,
so I get.... disenchanted with that 
means of communication...
and just don't come around.

You know, there's all kinds of ways we can approach
This Moment
Through all kinds of Pathways. 
Or Maybe we can just 
Let this Moment Be.

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