Thursday, September 19, 2013

It is sad that we live in a society where the success of the most critical roles within that society,
 require extreme Ignorance.

If the soldier who is told to murder another human Being were to Learn that the reason for this murder
was actually to protect the Corporate  and Banking Interests 
of a few corrupt and despicable human beings....
That soldier would suffer greatly, and 
if they began to wake up... as it appears they are....

We now see Suicide rates of Veterans at almost 
One Suicide Every HOUR.

So it comes down to a choice of Ignorance...

or Living with a Hellish Realization..



Most choose Ignorance.

The Policemen who must carry out Unjust Laws
and the Judges who must sentence individuals
for breaking these Laws
also created to protect
a few corrupt individuals,
Must remain Ignorant, 
or suffer.
Because admitting that the Laws that they are forced to uphold,
have Nothing to do with Justice,
and everything to do with Protecting the Interests
of a Few corrupt entities....
Would be very very painful.

And one of the first lessons we are taught
is to avoid Pain at all cost.
(even when that cost may be our long term health and well being).

I was taught from the time I was a small child that,
If something made me uncomfortable in any way,
I must simply IGNORE IT.
Even if that "Something" 
was the Truth.

The Doctors whose purpose is no longer one of Healers,
but rather as
 Sales Representatives for Giant Pharmaceutical Companies.
Where the "Bottom Line" is dependent upon
Keeping the masses Sick.
Would have a hard time looking in the mirror
if they were to admit the Truth.

Every Single Taxpayer in the Country
whose hard earned efforts must be paid
back to these same corrupt individuals
who control these same corrupt Corporatioons
that Profit off of War, Misery, Destruction and Death...

The Price of Awareness

Is difficult to pay.

The price of Ignorance

Is Peace of Mind.

Luckily we live in a society
 that does all it can to help us remain in Ignorance.
The "educational system" really doesn't educate,
it indoctrinates us into Ignorance.
The Drinking water is filled with Fluoride,
which squelches awareness.
The air is filled with chemicals
that help dummy down the population. 
The "Food"
which isn't food at all, 
but rather more Corporate Profit Fodder....
Stupefies us, and keeps us returning to our Doctors,
Who will keep us consuming "Medicines"
which will require that we consume more medicines, 
which will require that we consume more medicines...
which will eventually require a nice expensive surgury
Or result in our Death..

This is the System that we Live Under.
This is the American Way.

The Mantra for the American Way is,

"If the Truth Hurts,
Ignore It."

And it may be helpful for maintaining
 the Illusion of Peace in the Individual.
And it certainly helps maintain the Status Quo 
where the masses are slaves to a few.

But it does little to Improve the Human condition,
or the condition of the planet we call Home.

So it's time to Wake Up

Face the Painful Lie..

And Speak Truth..

And Live Truth.


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