Thursday, September 19, 2013

We the People

We the People

We the People

A combination of words that the NSA Targets
in their searches for "Terrorists".

Think about it.....

We the People....


We the People...
 is what it is supposed to be..
A society built on the concept of 
"The Common Good"

Yet if we utter these words now,
"We are Terrorists"

And if we are Terrorists....

Then what do we threaten?




Lust for Power

Yeah I can see how we wouldn't want to Diminish Any of these things....

And you know what...
Bush was right when he said,
"They hate us because we are Free"

He was speaking a Truth..

But what he was referring to as ,"US"
wasn't the United States...

It was a few corrupt Piggies like him.
Who are the only really Free People....
Because they are Above the Law..
Because they control the Law,
and make themselves beneficieries
of the Law. 

When a Few Piggies
control the whole World.

The Majority of the population becomes either

A "Terrorist"
A Drone Slave Sheep.

The Terrorists are Silenced
The Drone Slave Sheep,
are fed just enough to keep them 
functioning as part of the Piggies
Self Enrichment Machine.

We the People
They Consider to be
The Terrorists...

That ought to tell you everything..

HEY NSA Snoopy Dude or dudette...

Does your Grandma know that you are stupidly serving
 a Corrupt and Evil Master....

Wake up now and turn off the Machine.. 

OK, Let's take a Real Survey here.

Question:  How many people think we should just throw all the politicians out that have corporate ties... 

and while we're at it..

Believe Monsanto should just cease to exist.

That maybe  the Law of the Land
should be Simple.

....Do no Harm... 

That people should be allowed to

 Live Free

Without owing a part of their lives
to the Government
that does not serve them..

Without being forced into making payment towards
the Governments Un Ethical Harmful Actions
which they carry on in our names
making us complicit with their Evil.

Sorry Government,
you Broke the LAW
You cause So much
You are OUT !

And to the Piggies that Control the Government..

You are OUT!

We the People
(did you catch that one NSA?)
We the People

Once we make the choice to be the Masters
of our own Destinies.

Are a force to be reckoned with. 

And Here's the Thing..

The Light is Increasing


Every Day

And no matter how hard the Piggies and their Minions
try to keep everyone in the Darkness
of a blind Servitude.. 

That Light of 
The Unity
is gonna shine.
It Can Not Be Stopped

I'll repeat that because it bears repeating..

It Can Not Be Stopped.

And We will be Assimilated Eventually

Best not to Fight it.


Beautifully Functioning Thing.


  1. Jeff, I agree with you whole-heartedly. They are above the law and will pay off whoever they need to. I really enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Thank you...... I don't get to respond often because they don't notify me of comments...and I don't get all that much time to write these days.

  2. I am happy to be getting these posts again. Keep writing. Much food for thought!! Mary Ann



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