Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Cool Stuff

Here are some New Pieces I've just finished:

This first one is in some amazing beautiful Wood.

This next one I carved in some beautiful Spalted Myrtlewood. 
  I followed the natural lines of the spalting in the design.

This next one I carved in Juniper Wood and then Burned some design into it.

I'm thankin the good folks at Earnest Efforts here  for this beautiful Wood... 
Check out there ETSY shop via the Underlined Link...They Rock.

Here's another in Spalted Myrtle


And another in the Smoke Bush from Earnest Efforts

I just love Mountain Mahogany.
It's so hard, it almost looks more like Jasper.

This is a nice one I carved in Spalted Myrtle Burl.

 Some cool new Earrings


  1. Hello, I have been looking through your blog marveling at all of your artwork. I have been wondering where the Mountain Mahogany that you get comes from. I have been looking for some more but cannot find anything larger than a small shrub. Thanks.

  2. It came from the desert outside of Las Vegas, a road crew had cut up a bunch and a friend just hapenned by with his truck and nabbed some



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