Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Edge of the Wave

The Edge of the Wave

There are those who live on the Edge of the Wave
The Outermost Point of Creations Evolution.
And of these souls
many have been there for Thousands of Years.
They have seen more
and See more than most of the Rest. 
But this has caused them nothing but trouble,
(with the all too occasional Bliss).
Because when you can see
what just about everybody else,
It puts you beyond their Reality....
And generally speaking,
this scares em.

So you learn to fake it.
Feign Ignorance...
You even do all you can 
not to see what you can see.

And it's a curse to never be able to explain
or I should say, Have your explanation understood..
Of what the view is like,
from the Edge of Creation.

But somebodies got to be there
and it just turned out to be them...
So they gotta live with it.

So they hold their tongues against the judgments of those who can not possibly understand.
At least not until the day that they are the Ones
right there on the Edge of Creation.

And it just occurred to me,
considering the time we're in
This might not happen to them
in the age old ways.

But the Edge Dwellers  know
who they are.

Yet they hide it....

There's lots of them...
I mean, we're talking about the Perifery of Creation...
and that's a lot of Souls..
But nothing compared to what's Inside All Creation.
That is where the Masses Live.
That is where "Normal" lives.
That is where the "sane" people live...

And there you are, 
sittin on the edge.
Seeing the totally new aspects
culminating there on the edge.
Seeing the Definition of What is
And being on the edge oft times seeing the pattern as it comes to the edge,
and Knowing the next step of the pattern,
and helping it come into being,
simply by Knowing it.

And Creation expands through the Understanding of the Cells that make up the Whole thing.
My Mom always said,
There's nothing new under the Sun."
And even when I was just little...
I knew she was wrong.

OK, here it comes....

"Creation exists
so that 
can know more..
So that 
It All
Can be More..
 And it Creates More to be known

 through the culmination of the masses

that make up it's being"

This Truth reflects down on every level.

And then Creation knows more,
not by suddenly realizing something that is already there...
But rather by culminating and building upon
all that has gone before.

This is how "God"
Creates the Creation.

The inner edge of Creation
is also the outer edge.

The oldest souls are at the very heart of it
Right next to the ever expanding
.....Spiritual Sun"
But they are also on the outer edge 
of the Creation.


That's interesting.

And I think that because of this special time we are in
Like no other in this course of Creation
all of our Roles are changing.

Maybe it's finally time to be honest...

I mean,
really no better time than the End of Times,
to finally be true to our souls..
He he.

But most folks don't want to Get that..

"Let's just keep plugging away like always."

Well I don't think that's going to be an option much longer..

There are many facets to this Time we are in
and they are all new...
Territory beyond the "Reality"
we've been living for so long.

With the compression of space
which is occurring now
Time will ....
Evolution won't be as slow
and methodical.
Those on the edge
feel it different than the masses in the middle.
The push for them is only on one side,
whereas the masses are crushed from all sides.
And for the masses 
escape seems impossible
but for those on the Edge...
It's one step away..
A step they avoid until the last moment
when they have done as much good as they can...
As much to aid the Process as they can.

But now there is no longer that Outward expansion
going on.

Creation has culminated right there on the edge.

And now it's like a rip tide
turning back within itself.

So those who have been looking outward
on the Edge
Watching Creation Grow...

Nothin out there to see no mo....

So what are you gonna do,
Turn around and look back in at the masses
Being crushed by a Light they don't even see
or understand...

You either gotta step off the edge now
and blend into the Growing Spiritual Sun
or help em see 
and understand
The Light.

And to do that
you gotta forgive them for centuries and centuries of abuse that they have piled upon you.

Can you do that?

And you show them how to see the Light
that is all around
and within them.

You teach them to hear the Sound
that is all around
and within them.

The old job was expanding their understanding
of the evolution of the Creation they were a part of.

Now it is showing them that the truth is..
They are all of Creation.

It is One Thing...

And what is to come of them
in the Transition from being cells in the one thing
To being ONE THING
Starting all over...
A new Creation.?

And the only answer that is really relevant and useful
is to teach them to approach it
as they would approach the usual death state...
And this approach is different
depending upon the 
Character of the individual soul.

The ones on the Edge
Will focus on the Light 
beyond the Heavens and Hells.

The masses will fall where their energy takes them.

It'll be an Eternity
for those who choose Heavens 
or Hells.

But it'll be an eternity in the blink of an eye..

And for those on the Edge
who pass through the Heavens and Hells
without giving them attention,
and who Merge with the Spiritual Sun...
which is Rapidly about to engulf 
It All..
Theirs will be a smoother transition
up until that final point when
they Let it all Go
and Jump.
That moment right before the jump is the hardest...
But makes it so much more satisfying.
But no worries,
like I say..
For those who choose Heavens and Hells..
they will get their Eternity.

And to those on the Edge who choose the Light
It'll be ....

The Light.

So no worries about the End of Times Folks.

For most it will be like waking up
inside of a Dream...

In fact,

Maybe we already have....


What did you choose?

Heaven ?

Hell ?

or The All Of It One Thing..?

He he


  1. This is why I have always said "I live and walk among many worlds".....you speak good words Jeff...............Trudy



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