Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Veil

I don't get around here much.
Busy around the Home and Homestead ,
Taking Care of Business.

Long days workin..


But I'm supposed to write...

That is part of the Plan.

But the other problem is....

It's so BIG
And where do I start?

The thing is, with this
That is currently taking place within Humanity

and All of Creation....

We either accept it
or we don't.

Accepting it


What Is..
And what we think Is.

Are different things.

We live in a world 
where our understanding...
our conception of what "Life" is..
has been built upon thousands of years of thought.

The conception
resides in our DNA.

It's pretty freakin 

And letting that go
in order to Rise Up in Frequency
and accept the Change,
Can be scary.
 not can be...

Is .

And there is the Fear of 
Losing self .

and being ...
Feared for
being so different...

But the problem is.
If we don't accept 
the Change...

It's really painful.

It's like, the point arrives
when the Soul is ready to Jump Off
and Merge into the Sea...

The fear holds you back...

And it comes down to,


What does that even mean?

It is a shift from an attachment to 



An attachment to


You could say, 
it's a 

A More Global Perspective.

BUT, it's like a foreign language .

It is a totally foreign perspective.

It's like there is this veil
between what is...
And what we Think and Feel is.
And on each side of that veil,
there is something TOTALLY Different.

But we're at the 
Time of the Thinning Veil
So it's like
There needs to be a Bridge...
And I suppose that 

 Meditation is a Bridge.

To be
Free Now
 as I said,

And just about anyone
can do it.

But what is the motivation,
why would anybody even consider that?

Well, if I hadn't had that
Experience way back in 1972
that pushed me through the veil..
Where I spent quite a bit of Time back then..

I wouldn't have known about the Bliss
about the ecstasy of
the LOVE of
And there is nothing like that on this side of the Veil.
Nothing comes close....

Think of this.
The souls 
of the souls
of the souls
Are Lights of Joyful Bliss.
And becoming one with Everything
Is like being filled with a joy,
amplified as many times as there are
 cells and souls,
in all of Creation...

On this side of the Veil..
Everything Pales....

So here is one clue,

At the heart of Everything
on this side of the veil...
Is the Pathway
to the other side.

When we learn to


The door opens.

On the other side there is Light and Joy
And pretty much
Instant Manifestation.

When you are swimming in
the Pristine Primordial Soup
The Will is a very powerful thing.

We've been taught that it's 
"A dog eat dog world"
That to be successful, we must compete
and win over others, who lose.

Imagine if we were to Help each other...
Instead of Compete.
Imagine if we set up our whole society,
based upon the notion that...
we're all in this Together...
In Fact..
We are One Thing
with a crazy idea,
that we are separate things.

Compassion isn't sharing someone else's Misery.
That is simply,
Sharing Misery.
Compassion is the Understanding
That we are One Thing.
My Brother

We've been programmed into the Importance of
Satisfying the Individual Self...
And this is as it was meant to be..
This is a path all souls must pass through.
In this 
Time of the Thinning Veil

it's shifting..

Souls are more quickly 

And the Motivation...
.....the Direction

Is Toward Merging

Shifting from focus on 
who we had been defined as...
To who we were,
before the definition was applied.

We all have a point to make.

And once we make it....

we're pretty much done

with the whole

defining who we are...

And we're ready to get back to
what we were before 
we Became anything. 

You see, one of the First Rules,
Just ask Patanjali,
Non Attachment

And this freaks people out.

They feel they will feel Alone...

Yeah well, 

You do....

You feel Alone

With Everything..

But once you pass through the Veil.
There is no Lonliness

That thought actually made me Laugh,
It's more like the Opposite
of Lonliness.
It's like being so totally full
Like a space so Huge there are no
perceivable Boundaries

When I was young I spent a lot of time
on the other side of the veil.
But the problem always is
you want to bring that Joy
to this side of the veil..
But you can't
and no matter what you say,
no one who doesn't pass through the veil,
will have a clue about what you are talking about.
There is a lot of lonliness
on this side of the veil.
Because the thing is,
Once you go over to the other side of the Veil,
you are instantly..
Totally Different....

So with me, my Teachers tried to take it Slow..
Go over there for short little bits.
But ...that wasn't my Style.
So I stayed for long long periods of time.,

This literally re arranged my...
Erasing it in large pieces..
Very Quickly

Now if I would have done this over a period of say,

I could have Honed my
to my Surroundings 
in a gentle and casual way
that would not have freaked out
Everyone who knew me..
But most importantly ..
My first wife....

But I erased everything
over a period of a few months..
And at that point where I was just erasing the last little bit..
For my Love
and Hope for her..
And what I had seen of her Path,
 in those last few
Eternal Moments....
I stopped...
Then collected all the pieces I had erased.
But I couldn't put em back in their right places..
Reality became a Jumble and I became..
Way too Freakin Psychic.
The idea of that happenning again,
I think is one of my biggest fears,
because my solution to the "Problem"
Created Bigger Problems...

So now I've had this Lifetime..
Most of it was spent re arranging what I had erased,
then collected back..
And then I started slowly erasing again...
So now I've been around a Circle and
It's time again
to stand on the edge.
To Look through the Veil...
And JUMP...

Before my Teachers were there
All the Time
Guiding me.
But now it's as if I am supposed to just have Faith
that they will be there if I need em.

I've been
Keeping It Together
for a long time
And it doesn't really work very well for me.

I guess I'm angry at my Teachers
for abandoning me on that day I made the choice to
...recollect my Old Self.

Like that they were pissed at me for doing that and left..
But it was me that left them....
there was no place for them
in the Old definition,
 that had just become my new one,
only in Jumbled Form.
I know I talked about this in my section
"Coming Out of the Scary Weirdness Closet".
Not sure why I'm rambling on about it now..
I guess I'm just so beyond tired...
But enjoying a few moments to write...
Ramble Writing.
So if people tell you that
there are no dangers to Meditation
They don't know what they are talking about.
But if you listen to your Teachers
(and have good Teachers)
And you don't get too crazy once you discover
is a magical door from..
who we think we are....
to who we were before we 
thought who we are. 
He he.




  1. I so agree with your writings about our "Government", & then I wonder what in the world can we do about this mess?! Also, I would like to read of your experience in 1972. You are a deep thinker & have much to offer. Thanks for sharing. MAry Ann

    1. Hi Mary Ann
      Sorry I didn't reply sooner, for some reason blogger doesn't notify me when someone comments, it's supposed to but doesn't. and I don't get around much these days....too much to say, and don't know where to begin...and little time when I'm not taking care of business and family. OOPS, actually it was 1970... I talk about it here, in part 4 of Coming out of the crazy weirdness closet . I don't know what we can do about the mess, accept maybe Not Participate as much as possible...and educate folks still asleep, while attempting to remain un attached to it.



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