Monday, October 28, 2013

For a corrupt Government to maintain it's existence, 
it must have the support of the masses.

To do this it must create that support
 through Fear and Dependence.

For this reason it creates a Welfare State,
 where Taxes, Non-Livable minimum wage
 and a devalued dollar create dependents
 who rely on the Government to keep their families fed. 

Then through False Flag events they create an enemy 
that does not actually exist,
 and pretend to be the protective force
 from these non-existent enemies. 

They will even create enemies through through evil and destructive policies, to further the illusion of their need. 

As Long as People are Fearful
and believe their corrupt Government
 offers them some protection 
from false enemies.
And as long as there are Poor People 
who depend upon the Government
to just get by..

That Government can thrive.
And in the case of the US Government,
Can go about it's business of
Bleeding the masses
to fill the coffers of the few.

And it does this through many evil and unethical means,
such as Wars against Nations that have done us no Harm.

These "Governments" need to be eradicated
and replaced with a Governments
Of.... and For
The People.

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