Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Shift Came

The Shift Came

And we were living
in a world of our Dreams.

The Connections of our Hearts,
Remained there with us
after the Shift.

Quick interruption here: 
Want to share a Visualization
to sort of demonstrate
the New Attitude:

A Bright/Open
That goes on Forever.
And inside that,
 right down in front of our belly
in the shape of what we can hold 
in our hand, 
with our fingers
touching our palm.
Right there in that space
Is our Dream.


A small thing that sit's on the edge
of our Intention..
within a vast sea of Gratitude...

And as it turns out
That Light of Gratitude.
Is what feeds
 and makes the Dream Grow.

The shift has come
but not everyone knows it,
in their dream worlds
where they live and move
and have their being. 
Yet in their Waking moments
that occur when they are fast fast asleep,
they are here...with us

For so long,
in our waking states
 we have been Asleep.
And in our sleeping states
we would wake up..

And promptly forget....

Heaven is Nice

Best place in Creation

People are authentic here,
he he 
I mean if you aren't
you quickly learn..
The thing is, 
and this takes considerable getting used to,
for the New Inhabitants of the World After the Shift.
The first thing, is
the Instant manifestation aspect.
So basically who you are
is all around you.
But the thing is...
and this is at the heart of it...
The people
Their Connection..
It's hard to describe.
We are one thing,
and we feel it.
But we also each have our own aspects.
and in a place of instant manifestation,
these.... can get downright funny.
You see what clothes people would wear,
if they could just make them
by thinking them..
Because ...they do.
And it's funny because the clothes will just keep changing before your eyes sometimes,
while you are looking at someone.
And even your thoughts can ...
influence the way the person looks.

Everything is totally different.

And once everyone kind of levels out on the 
Instant Manifestation thing...
They will find their Niche
That place where their Joy
brings them sustenance. 

Everyone has a home

Everyone is an integral part
of it ALL.

Love is the "Currency"

 We Are Here



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