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The #1 Thing that Organized Religion has kept from the Masses

 I thought I had written about this before, but can't find the post.  I probably didn't.  This is actually a topic that most people on the planet have difficulty on a DNA level of even approaching.
That would be the topic of Satan, "the Devil" .
 Organized religion has spent thousands of years programming folks, right down to the DNA level, to have a deep Fear and Aversion to this topic.
 Peoples minds just automatically avoid going there.  
 And the Truth about Satan is one of the least understood, and therefore has been one of the most destructive forces on the Planet. 
 It's not Satan, or the "Devil" that has been this destructive force, but rather the Mis-understanding of the Truth about it....that has caused so many of Mankind's problems, at the hands of their Religion.
 Because it is the Man made religions that have purposely deceived the masses on this subject.
But before we approach the subject of the Truth about "The Evil One" we need to understand at least on a basic level, the evolution of the human soul. 
And in order to understand that, we must understand what "God" really is, and these are two other topics that have been Hidden from Mankind behind Lies and Distortions. 
 So we'll begin with this.
I'll explain it here to you first as it was shown to me, on an archetype level.
Once upon a time within the vast expanse of nothingness there appeared a small light. (of course since it was the only thing there was besides the Nothingness, size is relative).  In the archetype vision it looked like a planet of light, and the words that came to describe what I was seeing were,"A Lost Loving thought searching for a place to "Become".   At that point of "desiring to Become" the little ball of light shuddered, then divided, creating an Image of itself that was connected to it, by this cord of Light. Then the second ball, at that same point of "desiring to Become also shuddered, it split off and duplicated itself ...also connected to the original "Lost Loving Thought" through this continuous cord of Light.  Well this just kept happening until you began to see this huge Web forming of Points of Light all connected by this one continuous cord of Light...a Huge Web that kept expanding outwardly. 
 Now to say that each split off was identical to the First isn't exactly true, as each one was just a wee bit different. 
  Now observing this Web of Life from the outside, the next thing we notice is that all those little balls of Light, are also increasing in size....getting bigger.
  Each is held to it's place in the Big Web by the cords, and is expanding in size.
 Eventually the Little Balls of Light, the First and the second one and third one expand so much that they are pushing against the ones around them....and they merge together, and you see that the center of the Web is becoming this Larger Ball of Light.  (the words that described this when thought was applied were, "The Spiritual Sun".
This is a Vision I had over 40 years ago when I was meditating and asked the Question,"what is God, what is This all about"?
And it pretty much explained everything I wanted to know at the time, in very simple shapes. 
I guess I'd better finish this little story before we go on.
About 10 years ago I was out delivering Rural newspapers at about 2:30 in the morning, and I once again asked my soul a question?
What am I supposed to be doing here?
The answer came immediately,
"Spread Love and Light"
Sure, whatever...... 
How do I do that ?
I was feeling quite unsatisfied with the answers at this point, like a starving man who was begging for food, but only given a picture of a piece of Pie fact to be accurate I was probably a little angry when I said,
"Write about What?"
Suddenly, even as I was driving down the road the vision I had had 30 years before that returned..
OH, I need to digress. The first time I had the vision it was interrupted because a little puppy was biting my hand. ( I was in a trailer I had bought with the plan of heading to the hills and "living off the land", which my parents put an end to by going out and trading my powerful Chevy that i was going to tow it with, with a tiny Toyota Corolla)  but for the time being I was sitting in there meditating with two German Shepherd Pups, Jake and Ulysses.
So the vision was interrupted, but I was totally satisfied that I'd seen what I needed to see.
OK, back to 10 years ago. 
I said, "Write about What?"
And the Vision repeated itself, only it went further...
This Huge outwardly expanding Creation made up of a Gazillion little balls of Light, each growing in size...with the center of the whole thing growing as a big ball of light from the combined smaller ones....kept expanding outwardly through the empty space...
And then came the biggest surprise of all , one that changed everything about how I saw things.
There was a point that the Whole Stopped expanding outwardly.
It was like the whole huge Creation of One Thing that was a combination of Everything.... was done Growing .  And at that point the new little round balls of Light which I guess I'll call cells, began replicating within the Whole, rather than on the outer edge, expanding outward.  And this created a Compression of the Cells in the Whole, a compression of the Light within the One. The words that came to mind when thought was applied was," God was reaching Critical Mass".   So with all the cells inside the whole growing and filling up their allotted space in the Web, and merging together in the center...and with the compression of all the souls that were still entering the picture..... the Whole began compressing.... then all of a sudden there was like a flash..... and the many that had made up the One....Just became one single Light appearing in the Sea of Nothingness..... And the whole process began again,   another Incarnation of God...

OK, so we're sort of caught up on understanding, at least on an archetype sort of Level, what God is and about the evolution of God... Now we need to understand the evolution of the Human soul.
So, in the vision imagine the Cells are Souls, they split off from the One, to make a bigger One, and they are connected to all the others.
But what we are going to look at now is that Growing in size that they did, and what was taking place.
This information is actually buried in most old religious texts....but buried a little too deeply.    
OK, a souls first and primary Directive is to "Become".
This was the word that came to define what it was that made that first cell, split off....and grow, The Desire to Become.
What does this mean?
Well each soul comes into existence for the purpose of filling it's place in the whole....    
This is what I call, Finding it's, " unique separate expression "

These are key words that bear much contemplation,
"Unique Separate Expression"
Think about it,
each one unlike any other one.... 
Unique, one of a Kind 
each one Separate in it's uniqueness from every other one.. 

This defines the first part of EVERY souls Journey,
Seeking it's Unique Separate Expression".
In the vision this is the individual cells growing in size.
And has been esoterically described as "the turn of the wheel".
And the process through which these souls find their Unique Separate Expression, is through Duality. 
In very basic terms through seeking Pleasure and avoiding Pain.
Defining their place in the scheme of things by finding what feels right to them, and discarding what does not.
Good and Bad, Pleasure and Pain..... are the souls stepping stones to making their Unique separate expression .

In the "Garden of Eden"  Satan enticed Eve to take that first step into finding a "Unique separate expression".
You could say that Satan (The First "Split Off") was in charge of guiding the First part of every souls evolution....that part of seeking one side of a duality, and shunning the other, in order for each to find their uniqueness.
Now if the First is what we named "God", and this First "Creation" was could say that the whole Plan of how evolution was to take place....was Gods. 
But since the "Church" needed an arch villain to put up against their super dude..... Satan was deemed the Arch Villain.
He led Eve, and therefor Adam (who I guess had no choice but to follow the only babe that existed then) out into the horrible world of pleasure and pain, where they were no longer simply defined by the One thing they came from.
So even though this was just the way it is, and no soul ever in Creation has escaped this part of the process, the "Church" deemed this action of choosing the Unique separate expression.... a Sin....
Bad, and since Satan was the Helper in this part of the evolutionary journey....he "led Adam and Eve into Sin"
But that is bogus.  You can't call a necessary part of the Process, one in which none can escape....a sin. Without each soul growing through that part of the process, God (the whole thing) would not grow....would not evolve....could not "become".   
That is the first part of all souls evolution...
Finding their unique separate expression.
Once this has been achieved,
in the vision once the individual cell is grown to fill it's entire space,
and begins to merge with the others surrounding it, who have done the same.... the second part of the souls evolution takes place.
This has been described esoterically as the "wheel turning back upon itself".   
This is where the soul looks back upon what it has collected through duality.... and sees it with Love, rather than through duality..... allowing things to be seen as they are, not as how they have been defined into being. 
At this point that energy that has guided mankind, which we have named Satan, takes on a new name....The Christ.
This is the biggest and hardest lie to be understood at this time by the masses.
The Fact is, Satan....and Christ, are exactly the same thing....only at different points on the Wheel. 
This is a basic Esoteric Fact that has been buried behind a lot of fear perpetrated by the church, and it must be understood at this point that "the Church"  (organized religion)  
 is the most Satanic entity on the planet
the wolf in sheep's clothing
Beyond any other entity the "Church"Upholds duality, which is Satanic (this is also the most mis-understood truth by "spiritual Folks)

Leaving the Garden (Oneness)...into the quest for a unique separate expression (into duality)   is the beginning course of all souls....
 but is by definition, Satanic.
The realm of finding ones place in Duality was under dominion of Satan, whereas the return path of the soul into Oneness was under the dominion of the Christ Aspect..... but the reality is the Christ and Satan are one in the same, only at different points on the wheel of a souls evolution.

So as I hope you can see, now is the time to disconnect from the mis-understanding and fear that has been placed around the Truth about what "Satanic" really means.... so that one might evolve beyond the shroud of ignorance the Church has used to envelop the Truth.

The Truth that the Church has denied us, to keep control of their Flock is that the Satan and Christ are an equally important and sacred part of the plan,( in fact are one in the same thing) and that it is the Organized Religions that have upheld the Satanic (dualistic) Part of the plan more than any other entity. 

And this is the most difficult Truth for the masses to accept, as the Church, through thousands of years of torture and abuse, has programmed the masses right down to the DNA, to fear and repel even the thought of this...

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