Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Two Styles of Science...Idiot Science and Real Science

The Two Styles of Science

I've been meaning to write about this for some time.
Recent conversations have urged this forward.
There are two very distinct and Different forms that Science takes.

There is the one we are taught in schools and Universities.
I call this one,
Idiot Science.

I call it this because the more one becomes
in this form.
The more disconnected they become,
from the Simple Truth.
Idiot Science, or
"Forward Thinking Science"
is a method where the mind is utilized.
It accumulates data.
It collects and relates this data and comes to conclusions,
based upon the data.
It adds these conclusions to the existing conclusions,
and calls this Science.
Data+Data=Conclusion+Conclusion= "Knowledge".
This is the Science that is responsible
for Scientific Knowledge.
A forward application of the Mental Principle,
creating conclusions based upon perceived (or theorized) data.
And these "Idiot scientists" will point out to you,
all the great advances that have been made based on idiot Science.
They will not however point out how virtually all of these
so called "advancements" 
came with a price.
And that price has been the destruction of human,
plant and animal overall health...
and the health of the planet we live on.

Antibiotics are great...BUT
they have destroyed the gut and natural Immunity of almost the entire human and domesticated animal population, 
and created Superbugs that can't be touched.

Well, let's not go into that....
But have caused far more harm than good.

All the crap put in food for one reason or another...
in the water for one reason or another,
in the Air and on our bodies....
Killing us slowly..
Thank you Idiot Science.

And then we have the Idiot Scientists at the AMA and FDA and WHO, telling us how we should eat to be healthy.

Idiot Science is responsible for most of the human suffering that isn't caused by war or famine.
Although much of the famine is the result of Idiot Science
destroying the fertility of the land with chemicals.

So this is the most common form of "Science"
Now let's talk about the other form,
"Real Science." 

There have been some amazing "real scientists"
Einstein, Tesla, Burbank,
Gandhi,Martin Luther King.
Yep, even those dudes.
Real Science works in the opposite direction of Idiot Science.
It is not a matter of combining current data with past data and coming to conclusions.
It is a matter of observing backwards through the pattern of any given thing,
to understand it's true Nature.
Idiot science by it's process takes us further from the True Nature of Things
Where Real Science takes us to the heart of the true Nature of things.
Idiot science is mental manipulations.
Real Science removes the Mind from the observer,
and only uses it as a translator
once the Truth has been mindlessly observed.
Everything we can perceive
and even things we can't...
has a pattern.
Real Science takes what is perceived
and follows it's pattern back to it's beginning.
This is the only way a Truth can be known.
Idiot science gives us Ideas about the Truth.
Real Science gives us direct perception of the Truth.
Idiot science brings us Knowledge.
Real Science brings us Wisdom.

Real Science in a word is
Not what we have been taught by the idiot scientists
that contemplation is,
Namely the mulling over of data in our minds.
This is not Contemplation.
In contemplation our minds are silent.
In contemplation we employ Intention
for focus,
and our hearts
for clear vision.
The Truth of a thing is not the ideas we have about things.
The Truth is what is at the center of things,
and we perceive it through our hearts....
Then use our minds to translate it into something we can communicate.

Idiot Science is all about the mind.
Real Science is about the Will, and Love.

You can always tell an idiot scientist because they are about as far from Nature in their thinking as one can become.
They are disconnected from Simple Truth,
but can do all kinds of mental calisthenics
to make their ideas appear valid.
They can give you a whole bunch of reasons why
shooting the most toxic substances into a healthy human body
to "protect" it from some possible future discomfort,
is a good idea.
Insane and totally disconnected from Nature,
 yet to their Idiot Science,
it makes perfect sense.

The funny thing is that when you look to the Heart of things,
as with Real Science,
you gain a view of the Big Picture.
Idiot Science reduces the size of the picture,
to small ideas about the picture.

It's time we start teaching Real Science in Schools.
Teach how to return to Nature...
Nature knows it all,
Idiot Science just has lame ideas about it.
Teach how to learn the Truth,
not ideas about the Truth.

There is a catch even with Real Science,
and that is that to communicate it,
to share it...the Mind must be employed as a translator.
And every time we employ the mind to the Truth,
it becomes distorted.
BUT, if we taught Real Science..
Contemplation to the masses,
the masses could perceive the Truth on their own,
and not rely on someone else to tell them what it is.

Idiot Science has brought the planet to the Brink of Destruction.
Real Science could save it.

Learn to Contemplate.
Learn to quietly Focus.

Real Science is Incredibly exciting,
for one thing because,
at the heart of everything we Contemplate...
is, for the lack of a better word
And to be one with God
which is the end result of contemplation
 is ,
well the most exciting blissful thing possible for a human being.

And yes Oh Hypnotized Religious folks,
it is entirely possible. 

Maybe this is why Idiot Science Reigns,

Religion has long kept us apart from God

and shrouded us in little ideas about God. 

It is time to switch from Ideas about the Truth...

To perception and participation WITH Truth.

I suppose this is also a key difference between Idiot and Real Science...

Real Science is Direct Participation WITH
the Truth of a thing.

Let's save the World from the Idiot Scientists,

And Quietly Focus.

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  1. I agree. If only some would understand... I'm sure it was hard for you to write this, since this is real science. They look at all these little details and facts, while trying to "fix them" or "put things how they should be". There have been many great discoveries from this "idiot science", I will say, but what they do after them is what can turn out to be bad. I wish we didn't have to explain this to anyone.



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