Sunday, February 9, 2014

Soul Mates...Twin Flames

Soul Mates/Twin Flames
Is there such a Thing?

Someone asked me about what I thought about this...
So to give an answer I had to stop thinking..
And Look at it.

So here's my reply.
First we need to clarify what we are talking about..
What is a Soul Mate or twin flame ?...

If we are believing the NEWAGE rants about Twin Flames
Being the other half of our Souls
or that part that completes us...

NO, there is no such thing.

It sounds all romantic and all that,
but has no Reality in this Particular Incarnation
of The One
 that we all live and move and have our being as part of.

It just doesn't work that way.

In the creation and evolution of our souls
we are "split off's"
We are the Cell that divided from the one before us,
 and that split into the one after us...
In fact, and this part has been hard to See in detail
but I'm pretty sure we are each
 one of a number of split-off's from the previous cell, 
and Mother of several split-offs.
So here we are in the Web,
connected directly to the one we split off from..
and those that split from us.
So there really is no Twin Flame...
Twin implies 2..
And there is much more than that.

If we believe that there is one soul
 we are meant to share eternity with, 
and this is our soul mate....


Fraid Not.

But I will say this..

In any Lifetime 
before we come into Incarnation,
our soul makes a choice of
where, when and who
 it would prefer to spend it's time 
at, in and with.
But it isn't necessarily one person .
There can be several over the course of a Life
that will best allow our souls to evolve in the direction that is their most natural path.
I suppose we could call these individuals,
Soul Mates..
Because our souls chose them.

And the world being what it is,
all those little crazy things that are designed to keep us distracted from our souls most natural course of evolution..
It can be difficult to make all the choices that will allow us to find that Individual.
But the Soul is a powerful force...
it's intentions will be satisfied..
as soon as we get our
silly little minds and emotions
out of the way.
The more silence we allow in our lives..
The more we can connect with our souls Intentions.

So the idea that there is some "other half" out there,
that completes us....
Is just romantic fantasy.
The fact of the matter is
 we are all part of a GROUP
of souls.
These are the souls we split off from,
 and that split off from us...
and basically a bunch of souls that inhabit
the same general area of the Web that we do.

We evolve as a group..

When the Final Merging with the Spiritual Sun
which is expanding outwards from the Center of Creation,
occurs for us...

It will occur for our whole group.

So really we have a bunch of soul mates.

But to fit the most popular definition these days,
what we can attain that is close to this,
is connection to those in our Group,
who have the most to offer 
in terms of our souls evolution.

And for those folks still on the first turn of the wheel,
who are still engaged in accumulating
that separate unique existance..
Still vibrating between the poles..
as The Tibetan would say..
There is no such thing
as a soul mate
in any definition of the word.
Until a soul is on the 
return trip
it's a freakin self centered free for all,
and the soul is collecting 
what makes it a unique expression
and it doesn't look for
or require guidance in this. 

So for souls on the Return Trip...
 Soul Mates can be said to be
any number of souls
that our soul has recognized
to be of greatest benefit to it's growth.


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