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How to Die, a most neglected and Most Important Subject. Death and Dying

The Biggest problem I have with Religion 
is the fact that it has fed humanity Half Truth's 
(which are the worst kind of lies),
 about the biggest questions of Life.
 This has quenched their desire to Know the Truth
 about the most important things a soul can learn. 
Religion has been the biggest impediment
 to the evolution of Humanity.
 When half lies are accepted as Truth,
 and questioning stops...
.so does the evolution of the soul of Humanity
 and of the Individual. 

 This is most evident in the Knowledge
 of what happens when our bodies die. 

  Religion attempts to quell this questioning in mankind
 by giving a bogus answer
 that has only a very little amount of actual Truth in it. 
 I'm not sure what the motivation the "Church" had in doing this, I don't believe it was simple Ignorance, but rather that it had some devious purpose.
One of the greatest lessons a person can learn, is how to die. 
 This should be taught in school.
 Because in that stage of Life we call death,
 human evolution can be greatly amplified,
 but as most religions have set it up...
.this can not occur.

OK, here's some Background since folks always want credentials from a Speaker.

When I was younger in this life, and in my last one I had teachers that taught me a technique of meditation which I have come to call,"yoga of the death state". 
 This was basically instruction in how to go through the process of dying,
 without actually having the silver cord that attaches our soul to our body, severed as in a total death.... 
but other than that,
 it was the same experience.  
What I was taught was how to get the most evolution out of Dying, and as I said, this should be taught in school.

Thousands of years ago I believe this was common knowledge, but religion has stupified the masses into believing their little Fairy Tales, that actually do have some basis in reality (as I mentioned they are Half Truth's)...which are the worst kind.
So what I'm going to do here is explain the process of death, without all the unnecessary stuff that the Tibetans and Egyptians put in there which was pretty much culture specific...and dealt with areas that have nothing to do with helping the soul evolve, in fact quite the opposite.
So I guess first I'll describe the process very simply, and somewhere along the line tell you what needs to be done to gain the most benefit.
The Process:
Well let me first say that not everyone will be aware of the experience in the same way. 
 Very young souls, lacking reference points from previous deaths will be kind of unconscious because of the lack of these reference points, like the Indians that could not perceive Columbus's ships because they were so far from their reality....  But maybe if people were taught about this while living, they could better relate while dying.
OK, First thing that happens is a Popping kind of sound in your neck region.....this is where your consciousness disconnects from your brain.
From here it enters the spinal column
 (the tunnel of Light as some NDE folks report).
Now this is the astral plane and the Laws that Govern the Astral Plane come into effect.
OK,  when we talk about the astral plane, 
and the position to take for the most benefit when dying,
 …. we are talking about the same thing.
 In  these events we have the three qualities (maybe more, but in my way of seeing at this point) there are 3 qualities that determine experience of the astral plane, three qualities that determine the experience of Death…
These three qualities, or Laws are the Law of Intention/Attention, the Law of Magnetism, and the Law of Momentum. These are what I call the astral laws. The counterpart of Magnetism on the physical plane is Gravity. The counterpart of Momentum is Time on the physical plane….and the counterpart of Intention/attention….. is Intention/attention.
Let’s look at it from the death point of view just to make it so I don’t have to write so much, because they are all the same.
 In death “where we go” is determined first by our “magnetism”…by that peculiar vibrational state that our astral being exhibits. 
We are magnetized in a certain way depending upon who we are, we are a certain blend of the hues that make up the rainbow. Anyway this “magnetizes” our intentions/attentions direction…
what we will magnetically be pulled towards.
 Now the third quality “momentum” literally grabs us and pulls us in to where the magnetism moves us or our intentions focus is.

Ok, so POP...were suddenly in this Tunnel of Light.  And very often this is where folks see what they believe are the souls of their dearly departed.  (but they aren't...not yet.) These are actually what I call,"constructs"...another aspect of the astral plane.  Constructs are energetic reflections of souls built in astral matter.  I guess I should mention here that the astral plane could be called ,"the plane of desire".  These constructs are like a mirror image of who we WERE. They are like a shadow....they are energetically who we were yesterday (basically).  We all have these, and it should be noted here that "Ghosts" are souls that upon dying "looked" back and gazed upon their own constructs...and through that Law of Magnetism...became attached to them.  Also it should be noted that this is fairly rare, as souls in the death stage usually don't turn's like this momentum of Freedom that propels our direction "forward".
So in regards to these apparent dearly departed that "greet" us.... the rule for evolutions sake is.... Ignore them, look beyond them.... they are not the souls of your dearly departed and are bound to the past.
And this brings us to the Main rule of Dying.
Ignore everything you see, except the light on the far looks at first like a small Bright dot in front of you.
The key word here is Bright, because out there there are a lot of ...orbs floating around, they look kind of like planets.   A lot of souls won't even notice this because their Magnetism and vibration will suck them into one very quickly....
These are the Heaven and Hell Realms.
This is one of the Half Truths religion gave out.
Yes there are Heavens and Hells.....
And what kind of person you were in Life (because of the Law of Magnetism) will determine which you gravitate towards first.
That is the other thing, you can go to both Heaven and Hell between Lives.
Now Religion has told us that we go there for Eternity....which seems to discount the reality of Reincarnation....  But this is just another half Truth.
Time in these realms is different than in the Physical Reality.
You know how sometimes you will wake up in the morning to your alarm clock, hit a 5 minute snooze...and in those 5 minutes dream a Mini Series..he he.  Well Heaven and Hell Realms are like that.  
When I was doing the yoga of the death state , and didn't listen to my teachers...and pulled into these realms...... I was there for an eternity....lived a freakin lifetime there, then came out seconds later with the help of my Teachers.... Thank goodness for that, because the momentums there suck you in and pull you along.... and you believe that you are in "reality" ...that this is all there is.  It's like you are in a whole nuther life... BUT that so called ETERNITY that you are cursed to spend in Hell or sitting next to God and your old dead Dog, depending on if you are a good Christian or whatever or Not..... that eternity there, is a blink of an eye, here.  So no worries about that little carrot or fear that Religion hangs out there....just another half Truth.
So, if you pull into one of these realms, just go with it and do the best you can, there are major lessons to learn there .(remember that these realms are responding to your vibratory nature...and reflect who you learn from it.
BUT if you see them before you get pulled in, look past them.  You are better off to just skip the whole Heaven and Hell thing and get on to the Light on the other side.
This is difficult for most souls, as I said the astral plane is the plane of desire, and your desires can get in your faceless face there.
But again, the main rule is to ignore everything except the Light on the other side. If you focus intently on that, the Law of Attention/Intention will pull you there.   
Once you get there..... a couple of things, well maybe a few things can happen depending upon your stage of evolution (how long your soul has been around). One is you can seem to be reborn right away. The other is you will suddenly be in the company of a group of souls who you are bound to because of your relative position in the Web and your shared responsibility of evolution....otherwise known as your "group"... This is where the real dearly departed souls that have something for you are.  Then as a team you kind of look forward through Physical Time and see ....possible futures depending on possible paths chosen.   You choose your next Life.
This is interesting, it's like there is this road ahead with all these different possible options depending upon choices you might make.... and you choose the one that will best allow your soul (and hence the Group) to evolve.  And the third option that also is followed by the one that I just mentioned is what I'll call ,Bathing in the Light.  It happens as soon as you go into that light that you followed, everything disentigrates into this Huge Ecstasy, this Limitless Bliss where you seem to cease to exist in any form for a time.   For my Teachers this was a goal, and the rule was to stay there as long as you can.... your consciousness keeps trying to reassert itself, to define you and pull itself back together...   but stay there as long as possible.  This is where the most evolution takes place, and the longer you "Bathe" in that Light, the more your soul will evolve..... then you come out and meet the group...and go on.

So that's about it for now... The Tibetans and Egyptians went all into the Realms and talked about that, but the point is to go past that...and besides since these realms are Magnetized by those who experience them, giving generic descriptions is not entirely accurate. 
So... Keep your awareness after the POP...
Focus on the Light on the Other side.
When you get there stay as long as Possible.
Simple as that.


  1. Jeff, thank you very much for this post. It makes sense to me, cold you elaborate a bit on the concept of "Web" that you mention in this sentence: "The other is you will suddenly be in the company of a group of souls who you are bound to because of your relative position in the Web and your shared responsibility of evolution....otherwise known as your "group"".
    Also, in Celtic and in Slavic old knowledge there was a notion of "Other world", i.e. when the person dies it goes to live in the Other World. Have you ever experienced that or do you know anything about that ?
    What you described above is more of a "between-the-Lives" state, it does not look to me like the "Other World".



    1. Hi Irina, Thanks for your thoughts on this...and excellent questions. I think most people don't look deep enough to even question, so much of this our DNA has been programmed to....Fear looking at. The Web: Every soul is connected in this (viewed mystically) golden Web. Let me explain how it came to being. What folks call God is not some huge separate all knowing entity (separate being a key word)...that Created everything ..... well actually it is, and isn't. But Creation began as let's say this one cell...hmm? it's kind of explained here: one cell divided because of this inner urge to "Become" and what split from it was "made in it's image"...yet slightly different. Then that cell did the same. In fact it's possible but I haven't clearly seen that each cell divided in several directions.... This goes on and on exponentially.... these cells are not totally what you would call separate because they are all connected by this fiber of light. So beginning with this one thing replicating outward (with minor changes in each replication) a Web is created. Each cell not only replicates, but once it does, it also begins to expand in size.... eventually it fills it's position in the Web (as those around it are also expanding and filling the space between them.) Finally they merge into each other, this creates a Sun in the center of the web...of the souls that have merged there. This Web has been seen by Mystics sitting on the outer edge of it....for a long time. And the notion of the "Other World" that you are correct, it's not "the in-between time" as I call it, it's a Heaven Realm. Each Culture, especially the older ones that have lasted, have specific Heaven realms which are actually a Construct, much like the constructs of individual souls. Heaven and Hell realms are man made and culturally specific.....but it's not like there's a ton of realms, but rather a bunch of ways each is perceived...kind of like there are all these energetic overlays that resonate depending upon cultures that created them. Most cultures have these Heaven Realms...(and the corresponding Hell Realms). These are lovely places to bask in the Highest Dream, but eventually a point comes in evolution where they are to be avoided, as they are built of desire matter and are really just a side track.. Blessings to you and yours...



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