Thursday, March 13, 2014

Our Beloved Government

Giving someone something they did not ask for,
 and do not want,
and never agreed to...
 then charging them for it,
then Taxing them on that,
then Fining them if they pay late,
then taking away their Homes and Freedoms
if they do not pay...
for something as I say,
they never asked for, agreed to, or wanted.
What would you call this?
Theft ?

I really don't think this is Democracy.

Told to pay so that weapons dealers can prosper,
so that banksters can prosper,
so that the elite can prosper,
so that those poisoning the populations,
and the planet can prosper...

Meanwhile the side effects are poverty,
murder and mayhem abroad...(in your name).

I really don't think this can be called a Democracy....

Did you agree to this?

I never did..


  1. Your words are absolutely true as we see it in our household. We hear of many others who feel the same way, yet it seems there is nothing we can do about it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. M.A. Cauthen



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