Sunday, March 30, 2014


These backpacks are heavy.

Carrying the Weight of the World.

Let's just
 Set Them Down Here
In front of this huge old Tree..

Look, there's an opening in the Trunk.
It looks like a little cave .

OH Wow,
You can see Light
Deep Within it..

Lets Go In

It's OK
Just leave everything behind...

It smells like 
Rich Earth...... 

And Sweet Flowers.

Little Lights are flitting about..
As we walk through a tunnel of Roots
Ferns and Newts. 

Coming to an opening
The Light is so Bright..

Our eyes and Hearts adjust.

As our Minds become very still.

For a moment we forget we are there,
because before us is the most beauty
we've ever seen.

It's a deep

We hear Laughing
and singing
and hear instruments that sound...
like birds singing,
and frogs croaking,

and the wind gently Blowing...

Or is that a smell...
we are hearing?
It smells like.....

and sweet fruit..
And Green
you can smell Green...

And Dancing...

 we're dancing
Didn't even notice when it happened...

Twirling, and Swirling..
Rising up
and rolling around.

And that Laughing and Singing
That we hear....

It's coming from us.


Is that what we smelled,

is that what we heard..?

It's what we are feeling..

And little else.

Or is it EVERYTHING else.

But yes,

We are dancing..

And your smile....

Sings in my heart..


Is that what we were hearing?

Is that what we were smelling?

Here we are...

Right in the Middle of IT.




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