Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Welcome to Freedom in Amerika 10 Rules of Freedom...

So you've decided to immigrate to Amerika 
so you can enjoy it's "Freedoms". 
Here is a list of Rules and Definitions
 that will Govern your Freedom Here .

1. You will not be allowed to Own any Property.
You can pay a fortune for a piece of land
and a house.
But even when you've paid for it...
It isn't yours,
It is the Governments
AND they will take it from you
if you do not pay them large sums of money 
every year until you die,
or sell your property
 to some other person
 who will incur future debt upon it. 

2. If you happen to make enough money to stave off starvation...
the government will require that you give them
 a portion of this money 
so they can pass it along to people who don't need it.
A very large percentage of this money they take from you
to pass along to the people who own the Government,
will get to these evil Lords filtered through a War Machine
that murders innocent people in foreign lands,
so that the war machine does not sit idle...
because when it does, Billions of dollars a year,
do not make it to those people who own the government.

3. You will have little say in the decisions of your Government..
You will be told who you can vote for in major elections,
and these people will be determined by those who own the Government.

4. The government will tell you what foods you can eat,
 what you can drink and put in your bodies...
and what you can not.
What you can't has been decided
 by those who own the government,
based on it's effect on
 the bottom line of the monies rolling in to them,
from you. 

5. If you make the mistake of breaking one of these
 Owners of the Governments rules,
in a vain attempt to bring Health and Well Being
 to yourself and your family,
the Government will send armed thugs to your home
 to take you away to a prison,
or they will fine you a large amount of money to counterbalance the losses
incurred when you took your health and well being 
into your own hands.

6. They will require that you join and pay into their Sickness Perpetuation /Big Pharmaceutical /Insurance Company Enhancement program 
which they have strangely labeled,
"Health Care."

7. The people who own the government and the Big Corporations will determine which plants you can have in your garden...
and which you cannot.
Once again the restrictions will be based upon the effect upon their bottom line.

8. You will be informed that toxic substances
 are good for you,
 and should be readily ingested,
and you will be told that healthy substances
 must be avoided,
penalties will be incurred
 if you ingest some of the ones
 that are most healthy.

9. You will be allowed to attend schools of indoctrination,
which will train you to make money for the Owners of the Government,
(being allowed to keep a portion for yourself to keep up your strength and motivation to keep making them money.)

9.   You will not be told that the Government that controls, or attempts to control every aspect of your life, is in Truth a huge Corporation, that you will not be allowed to own any stock in,
or have any say in it's operations,
 but must support. 
This Corporation is owned and Run by 1% of the population and these are the only ones allowed to greatly prosper because of it.

10. This corporation also controls the media and will tell you what you must believe in order to sustain the Corporation and the profits of the 1%. 

So in conclusion Freedom in Amerika means no land ownership, no say it the policies affecting the important aspects of your life, no freedom to choose what to ingest, no sharing in the wealth of the 1% beyond what is needed to keep you making a profit for them, and sometimes this is done by keeping you sick, and paying into their
Sickness Perpetuation /Big Pharmaceutical /Insurance Company Enhancement program . Imprisonment or fines are the penalty for not following the Corporations rules which are no benefit to you or 99% of the population.

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