Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Karma Re Visited

A conversation I was having with some folks on the subject of Karma led me to wanting to share this with you. It all began with speaking about something Nasty that some politician did, and a person imagining the Karma that would create for them.  Here's a reply I made in that conversation. 

What Ray said here is Partially Correct.... but rarely for politicians does it hold true... he he.   It is however a very prevalent view amongst "spiritual" folks these days and has been promoted by several best selling books . (I'm not sure if these books only mentioned part of the story in order to become best selling books, or if it was simply Ignorance, in which case it bolsters my opinion that just because something is supposedly channeled from the Great White Metaphysical Brotherhood of All Knowing Oversouls....
doesn't mean that they know what they are talking about. 
At the crux of what makes this only a partial understanding of what Karma actually is and how it operates is this statement that you made Ray, and that has become commonly accepted by a lot of "spiritual" folks,

" the general point of existence is to raise vibration through experience and understanding of self, so the only thing that needs correcting is a lowering of vibration."
The fact is that this is not entirely true,

 it's only half of the picture. 
 There are actually 2 points of the existence of a Soul, depending upon that souls position upon the wheel of Evolution.  That statement is totally false when applied to younger souls where an accurate description of their "general point of existence" is rather to make their unique and separate expression within the whole. And until this is made, that path has little to do with raising the vibration, in fact quite the opposite....this unique and separate expression is made through the application of Duality, through avoiding pain, and chasing pleasure..... and this leads us to an understanding more of how Karma works for the masses.
Duality is maintained by judgments, built upon mental and astral matter... a person "evolves" for the first part of their evolution by making dualistic judgments about the world and applying them to their lives through their choices.  Following a path that these judgments tell them will gain them the most positive experience.   Well I gotta tell you, these Judgments are delusional ....they are built upon dualistic matter which will eventually have to be reconciled to allow for truth. Pretty much the "correcting to a higher vibration" that Ray spoke of. BUT, it is wrong for us to discount the purpose of the first part of every souls evolution.  We are not born seeking that higher vibration.... quite the opposite...and this is just the way it works, can't get past it.

   So as the soul creates it's distinct unique and separate expression in the whole, it has also created it's "separation".....
 The reconciling of this natural process of separation....is Karma. 
 The process of evolution I suppose you could say is,
 first becoming one of the many..... 
then when that culminates,
 becoming ONE. 
   But you can't have just becoming ONE,
 without first becoming one of the many..... 
You could say that Karma is walking down a road and collecting things to define who you are.
 Pretty soon you've collected all you can carry and are satisfied that this is who you are...... 
You can't go any further down that road, there is nothing left for you there, ...a lot of souls feel a sense of temporary loss here that precedes their "spiritual journey", ( I call these folks, "the fence sitters" ). The "Spiritual Journey"  is simply walking back down the road they just came up....and dumping off all that they have collected in the process.
  This collection was built upon dualistic judgments which in order for the persons collection to be dumped off, they must face.   Facing ones dualistic judgments.....is Karma.  Because for a soul at this stage there is no longer right and wrong, but rather there are dualistic judgments....and Truth... And the soul must choose truth to keep evolving, an in order to do this must face and discard their dualistic judgments. This can not be avoided. And can be painful until we learn that we are no longer defined by the Dualistic Judgments we made, but rather simply by who were are now.

 For a little more detailed explanation of Karma there is this old post...

Why "Bad " things Happen to "Good" people. 

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  1. just a message, karl renz says you never made a ''mistake''. like if you had the ''wrong'' job for 20 years and ''should'' have gotten a ''better'' one. you didn't make a mistake cause there was no seperate actor that did or didnt ''decide'' to do one thiing or another. non dualism could say that there was no seperate ''jeff'' or whoever that ever made any decisions.like infinity has no seperation like seperate humans or seperate ego. spontaneous without direction like out of nowhere you wake up in the morning without wanting to. 'the big bang'' karl renz calls it. you were unpercieveable in deep sleep - then you ''woke up'' ...the big bang. but karl renz says there is no one that ever ''awakes'' or ''sleeps''. that would imply a ''seperate'' ego or doer. infinity can never know ''itself''. the paradox karl renz calls it. he says everything we percieve is already dead on arrival. a flleeting shadow with no definite existence. always fleeting no quantifyability. since there is ''nothing'' the ''gumption'' of that idea IS what we call life or consciousness. never be figured out. he says we just experience ''pressures'' ,our existence is ''merely'' just ''pressures''. consciousness is eternal and ''you'' will never escape consciousness in some form. its inherent in ''infinity''.consciosness is as infinite as infinity ''itself''. (even though there is no quantifiable ''infinity''. thats what he tries to say, this karl renz ''guy''.



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