Friday, April 4, 2014

Compassion for Bush and Obama

Compassion for Bush and Obama

OK, time to lay some uncomfortable reality on ya.

It's very easy to blame people like Bush and Obama for the Atrocities that they sponsor.
Creating wars for the profit of the rich,
and misery and death of the many.
Creating and enforcing policies that take away personal freedoms,
and bring suffering to masses of people.
Taking money from the hardworking worthwhile poor,
and giving it to the non-working worthless Rich Piggies.

But here is the deal.

Yes, Bush and Obama were slaves to their rich Controllers.
And it's the easiest thing to believe that politicians like Bush and Obama simply give in to the controllers for personal financial gain.
And that all these multitude of politicians pass these corrupt laws,
simply for personal gain.
(and this is probably true for the lower level politicians).
Think about 9/11
Think about Sandy Hook 
and the Boston Bombings...
And anyone who has paid any attention at all knows these were not perpetrated by those who paid the price for them.
And these were huge..
And those responsible,
those who Control the media,
and the government...

That is a lot of POWER.

And it's nothing compared to what they 

What they Can Do.
Is beyond the imagination of most folks....


And what they can do is made known to folks like
Obama....and Bush.

You can bet no person can become President of the United States,
that won't very quickly be shown the extent
of their Power over Life and Death
of masses.

So we have to understand that the most moral man,
can be seen as amoral,
for allowing the deaths of many for the profit of a few....
When we don't realize the full scope of the alternative they are faced with,
if they do not comply.

So I just want to say that,
we can criticize these people
for being the slaves of the controllers.

But we are no one to be criticizing,
because we are the slaves that finance their evil policies.
And as long as we do,
we have no place critisizing them,
without first taking responsibility for our role.

We pay for the bullets that kill the innocents,

We finance the fortunes funneled to the Banksters 
that have already robbed from the masses.

We pay for the "Subsidies" ha ha ha ha
what a word for what it really is....
for corrupt and evil corporations.


Because we too are simply slaves to the "Elite".

OH, and I hereby proclaim that henceforth
the meaning of the word "Elite",
shall be changed to "Corrupt Evil PIGGIES".

So here's the thing,
Our complaining about "those" slaves of the Elite
doesn't solve a dang thing.
What would solve it would be if every single person in the Country
refused to finance them. 
Sorry, no taxes paid until policy favors the People..
And not the Corporations and "Elite".

And all you people who have been forced by policy,
to suckle upon the teat of this corrupt government
in order to survive... 
Have no Fear...
That fear has been placed upon you so that you will continue to support this corrupt and evil System.

If this system of Bleeding the poor to profit the rich,
ceased to be financed by the masses...
you would suddenly find a place to prosper...
and to find Joy.

And for you people who have not yet awakened to the fact that,
the poor are not the problem,
are not simply lazy leaches who want to suckle the free tit....
Get this:
No soul is inherently lazy,
it is against the nature of a soul to be lazy....
But when a soul is stifled,
is suffocated and abused
and put down.....
It loses hope,
and simply attempts to survive.
Because they have long ago given up 
on the idea of Thriving...
and finding the Joy that a soul has,
in doing what it is meant to do.
NO SOUL is meant to Ferment in it's own Juices...
But when that is the only perceived option...
that is what it will do. 

So if you are going to criticize the Slaves in Government,
to have Integrity FIRST
you must cease being a slave yourself.

There is no integrity
 in a Slave
 Criticizing another slave,
for being a Slave.


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  1. people are just as ignorant and violent as politicians it seems. ''people'' refuse to acknowledge...well, fear of loss of ''job''. to live without money? maybe it may seems lot of changes recently. nothing wrong being ''lazy''.maybe laziness is meant to be sometimes. most my problems happened during ''employment''. you dont like to crticize the self. so a time relative ''laziness'' for some. might be the way it is.''politicians are just paid employees-- as we know, ''employees'' are not saints. you've worked with them,. the worry of money is ''root of all evil''. it goes along with hyper fear stress culture.



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