Monday, April 14, 2014

Jeff Wilson For President

Jeff Wilson For President
Stay Tuned Here for Future developments.

Thought on other policies.

Monsanto.... Shut Down

Corporations are NOT People and can not make contributions to politicians or political parties. (This policy only necessary for 6 months while all the Piggies are being imprisoned.)

Schools will take a novel new approach and educate for the betterment of Humanity...not the corporations.

Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft, Kissinger.... will be tried and convicted and sent to prison with the rest of the War Pigs for crimes against humanity. 

Obama will have control of his mind returned to him.

GMO's will be removed from the Market.

Science that serves Humanity... and not Corporate profits,
will be supported.

Laws will only be created based upon what is Just..
built around the concept of "doing no Harm".

Nutrition based upon science (not corporate profit),
will be 90% of what is taught in Medical School.

Monies hidden in offshore accounts will be confiscated and put into the general Education and Welfare Fund.

No one will be Homeless unless they want to be.

No One will be without REAL medical care. 
(based upon proper nutrition)



Toxic industries and farming practices will be phased out, subsidized to switch to Healthy organic practices.

Those convicted of crimes against persons or properties 
(the only crimes in this Government)
Will be Nourished and re taught.
(most indigenous well fed populations don't suffer these crimes).

Once all the Corporate and War Piggies are in prison the media will serve the People who use it.

Hemp production will be implemented full Force.

Marijuana strains (the ones not created to dummy down) will be grown organically...and research into the healing properties of the herb will be subsidized.

HAARP will be shut down.

There will be no spraying toxic substances in the air.

The Military will remain in force doing positive projects in the world. Building roads, cleaning water, planting crops....
and taking and imprisoning any corrupt rulers who cause harm.

Education to any level will be Free.
(this will level the pay scale of all professions and allow folks to follow what interests them and brings them joy.)



  1. Are you serious,Jeff??? Because I would so vote for you,and so would my family! No matter,your policies are stupendous and should be implemented,starting immediately!!!

  2. Thanks Linda..... No, I just want to get the ideas out there. I spent most of my life fighting the "bad guys", now I'd kind of like to Feed the Joy..... But the bad guys are just always in my face, and it's hard to take what they do without speaking out...



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