Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Evil Lie We Live

In 1970 I had what could be called a Mystical Experience.
Prior to that I was an ordinary guy (sort of)
But one day 1 climbed this mountain, sat there literally engulfed in AWE of the Beauty..
And the next thing I knew was on the outer edge of All of Creation,
looking back in...
I know that sounds .... wild and crazy.
But it's happened to plenty of folks over the ages..
What I saw was this huge Golden Web,
where every single thing was connected.
What I felt was 
Then EVERYTHING changed.
You can read about that whole experience here in the section entitled,
Coming out of the Crazy Weirdness Closet...
Just scroll down to chapter 4
Coming out of the Scary Closet. Part 4 An Enlightening Experience and Meeting my Teachers. 
Below is about the first thing I wrote after that Experience:

The Painter Was Time
The painter of the picture was quite insane 
when he painted you into a very strange place.
 It was insane, but you didn't know what sane was,
 so you believed you fit perfectly.
 The painter was of course very careful 
that he didn't paint the picture so fast
 that you might remember being painted.
 You worked through time into truly believing
 in the reality of everything else in the painting you were in. 
One day you had taken in and accepted 
everything in the painting as far as you could have
 mis- accepted it,
 when a glimpse outside of the painting came.
 You became very frightened and threw yourself back,
 deep into the painting. 
Then you decided that everything outside 
of your perfectly painted reality 
was insane, or not be feared.
 Of course you refused to accept any little particle of truth 
that came to you and tried to meet with you 
from out of the "insane" realm.
 One day a passer by in the Great Hall of paintings
 saw you and your predicament,
 and when you went to sleep that night he came to you
 and told you about the real world,
outside of your painting.
 Because you were asleep
 and not indulging in the false pleasures and pains
 of your old world,
 you heard a piece of what he was saying.
 He came to you every night for many years.
 One day you woke up and saw outside of the painting
 you had been locked inside.
 Time passed and you came to look out and understand. 
And time came when fear vanished,
 and you loved again.
 And finally you completely forgot about the painting
 you had once been held prisoner in, 
and you rested outside,
 in bliss.
One day along your way you passed by a painting in that Hall,
 and you saw people painted into a predicament.
 And so that night when they went to sleep
 you went to them and showed them a piece of the real world.
 Then you walked down the Hall 
and saw the painting you were once painted into,
 and you laughed. 
To you the Hall was a sad place,

 a zoo of lifes.

I added the above to this post after writing the Following:
There is something asking to be written here..
I have not thought ahead about anything, 
so we'll see how this goes. 
In my younger years I operated in what has been called,
The Fifth Ray.
I won't go into all that now,
 but basically the human soul evolves along Seven Paths..
These Seven paths all lead to the same Place.
I'd say that that place was
Unification with God,
But  he he...that would pretty much gaurantee
that it would be Mis-Understood.
Suffice to say that each of our Souls
Flows along one of these Paths at a time.
Earlier in this Life mine was the 
Path of Science and Knowledge. 
One of the more fun my opinion.
There are 2 ways that this path can be approached,
one is the Way of the Mystic.
The other, the Way of the Scientist
I wrote about them here
Sadly what I call IDIOT Science
is by far the dominant one...

And this Science, this Idiot Science
has been creating part of the Illusion
ever since language began.
Most of the rest of the Illusion
has been created by Religion.

There are a lot of arguments between these two...
But both are equally responsible
for enslaving Humanity in a Dream
that is pretty far disconnected from Reality.

What I'm going to say next might sound a little far-fetched....
Difficult to Grasp.

First I want to make the statement
 that there is one attribute
 that most permeates this Creation 
that we are all cells within.
And that attribute is EVOLUTION.
It is the Nature of all Life..
To Grow.
To Evolve.
And in my opinion the Truest definition of Evil,
is that which subverts this most natural Process.
Historically this has been the role of Religion...
(defining and using force 
to maintain a definition of truth,
that was a Lie).
Science has defined Truth also,
 though has not used the force to enforce it that the Church has.
And this Scientific definition is also a lie.
And then now we also have Government,
that squashes the Soul of Man
and slows it's evolution.
All three of these things, 
in the above definition of Evil
Reign Supreme.
Though in this writing I'm not dealing with the Governments Role.

What I want to speak about here...
Is what is REAL.

And this is where it get's interesting.
You see the thing is, 
our entire perception,
everything we see and believe to be real...
has only served to separate us from what is Real.
The fact of the matter is,
what we percieve with our eyes and senses...
is not really what is in front of us.
What is True and real lies beneith
thousands of years of 

What we even physically see
is not what is actually in front of us..
What we see is like a thousand layers of clothing
on top of the real thing
which has been buried from our sight
beneith all those clothes
that have been supplied by Religion, Science...
And Language.
We live in a world of ideas...
what we perceive is the sum total of these ideas...
we perceive the Clothing upon the Archetypes.
 The Truth is simply a bunch of very simple archetypes
moving through space,
yet we see this whole world around us...

We haven't been just deluded by ideas
 like a Super Hero God
 that exists outside of everything 
and sneezed us into existence..
the idea that we are solid physical beings...
Both of these ideas are as far from the Truth as they could be,
yet most accept one or both 
as True. 

It's not just these ideas that have deluded us...

Everything we think about
everything we think we know....
These are ideas....
these are the clothing which has buried the Truth.
At this point if humans were to suddenly perceive
what was actually in front of them,
as it is...
they'd think someone slipped some LSD into their Tea.
From the day we first developed language,
we have buried the Truth
behind our ideas about the Truth. 
And every single thing we see...or think
is not what is True. 

The Church clothed some very basic archetypes
in Fairy Tales.
I still wonder if it was simply ignorance,
or maybe it was a plan to hide the Truth
 from those not evolved enough to see
behind the symbols..
Or maybe it was simply to gain control of Sheep.
But they were so successful that now
within the DNA of most humans on the planet...
Is a Fear of the Truth.
That is freakin Powerful.
Whatever it was.... the Truth became lost as the Clothing upon it;
as the Fairy Tales,
 were actually accepted as Truth.
This has hindered Mankind's evolution more than any other factor.
Making Religion the most evil force upon the planet...
(sorry about that).
Buried deep beneath it all there is Truth
but the surface stories have been accepted as the Truth...
So evolution Halts.
And for those that have broken free of religions grasp
and understand things scientifically....
they are as much trapped as the believer in Fairy Tales.
In all of science's perfectly logical explanations,
Truth is buried under ideas of Truth.
Our words, our Language, our religion, our science...
None represent the Truth..
They all are complicit in the Burying of the The Truth.
And here we live in this perfect little Illusion.

So what is the answer?
How can we Perceive Truth as it is?
Well once again this post addresses this:
Learn Genuine Contemplation
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is a good source material.
It comes down to getting past our ideas...
Suspending thought and emotion
and through Intention
Becoming One
with that which we contemplate..

This will open up a whole new Perception
of what is,
Not what we have been told
and believe to be..
The Lie...



  1. gonna check your post on ''wilsonian democracy'' (jeff 4 president) but, ive noticed , that the ''green drinks'' that help prevent colds and the like, but also just recntly , ive found that carrot juice helped clear up cold even better. carrot juice in addition to green smooties that contain grre algaes and all those green nutrients...but carrot juice has a large amount of vitasmin a type. so grren and the orange vegetables seems to keep colds away. if you dont do a lot of dairy those nutrients are needed. my ice cream habit is a lot of vitamin a but some dont do dairy and thats okay .it is nice to use only as much meat and dairy. just enough for a catalyst to fill hungry hyper energy people like us...

  2. I just read this page and skimmed a lot of your Coming Out of the Scary Closet writings, and although it's sort of like stream-of-consciousness offloading, which I bet felt really good to you, you have really spoken to me. Although I don't believe I have ever had an alien encounter and some of the other edgier things you mention, I have been going in and out of the realities you mention in your writings for a long time. Most of the time I'm just "normal," as you put it, and then...well, let's just say that I've dabbled for a long time with a variety of meditation practices--never can seem to stick to them; have been fascinated by soul travel, dreams, etc.
    Some of the little things that resonated with me in your story: "glowing" books that just seem to jump off the shelves into your hands. That's how I have found all the "New-Age" type materials to read and investigate. Reading the books and realizing I have already dreamed or lived (somehow, in an alternate universe) much of what the author reveals. Feeling like somehow, somewhere, I was attacked as a child by Native Americans, right down to seeing my family scalped and hiding in an old chimney of a tumble-down house--just one of several things I seem to have lived, but haven't, if you know what I mean. Having beings visit me, especially a couple months after I recovered from breast cancer surgery and was still doing the chemotherapy. At first I wondered if the chemo drugs encouraged hallucinations, but the white light surrounding the figures who visited me made me so happy, and so at peace with myself and what had happened to what you call my casual body. (I like that!) Dreams that I swear were more real than anything I have lived--things like being able to lift the back end of a car to release someone caught underneath, and then learning a few days later that someone I knew had escaped injury in a major car crash. Flying over bridges and across great forests and realizing that I was half snowy owl, half person. Remembering the places I had flown over in detail whenever I heard certain pieces of music. Seeing pictures of those places to which I have never been, and feeling "at home." Going to an aura reader "on a lark" with a friend and having her impetuously draw me my personal "angel" named Maya. Seeing that angel in other people's eyes or hovering around their shoulders. I could go on...
    Anyway, I feel connected to you through your sharing, and I thank you for helping me feel a little less compartmentalized. I wish I could abandon my "normal" life and be as open as you are about who you really are. Your life with your partner and little boy sounds like it fits you--I am now painting, after my retirement from teaching, and that does release a bit of the maverick in me, although I am still painting pretty conventional things, trying to learn the intricacies of watercolor. Mayhap I will venture into painting snowy-owl flights, dreamscapes, and white lights. God bless you!

    1. You have no idea how happy your reply made me..... It's a pretty lonely place when nobody I know has a real clue what I'm talking about..... You know what I mean... I know what you mean about the hyper DreamTime. I once had an old woman, who was too blown away to approach me, tell a friend of mine that when she was a younf woman, her husband was off at war and she had huge fields of crops to harvest and no way to do it....then I suddenly appeared and helped her get in her crops...then left...She swore it wasn't someone who looked like me, but was me.... trippy. My Dreamtime is TIRING.... Everything they say about the sleep cycle does not fit me at all, the even b4 I close my eyes I'm in all thesedifferent you say, more real than here..... all night long. And so many places I return to over and over...but only in the DreamTime.... Doesn't flying ROCK.... I'm always trying to show people (in my dreams) how easy it is...... And being an amazing. But I think the most amazing one was the porpoise or dolphin, because of it's consciousness....and way of physically seeing. Very cool stuff tat I wish we could freely share with more. It's funny, this morning I was thinking that I didn't think anybody really read my blog and maybe one day when I was dead someone might "get it" but I thought that I needed to write it, for myself. It's hard having a major part of your being Hidden from virtually everyone. Could you imagine what it would be like if we could simply be who we are. But it isn't just ourselves that reigns us's everyone elses ....range of perception. I remember when I was young and doing some pretty hard core Magic..... and I could do it with one other person there....of course it freaked her out and got me my engagement ring back....but it's like the Laws that so by consensus....they are not Cosmic Laws but laws imposed by limited human consciousness, no major acts of magic.....before those who simply can't go there, can be impossible for those who can....if surrounded by those who can't he he...... But thank you for making me feel less alone. Many blessings to you.

  3. Jeff, your writings fascinate me, I read, think and re-read them. Have been checking for new ones but you seem to have stopped writing. Hope, all is well with you and your family. Irina

    1. Hi Trina, Everything is fine, it's just that making ends meet, getting the bills paid and feeding the family takes every minute of my days. The place we were doing business, ETSY...changed their policies...basically sold out and allowed people to basically Import. My competition became poor people in China and places like that working in sweat shops for next to nothing.... and our business went in a day from none. So it's been a struggle. But Life is good. I think I also got to a point where what I wanted to say....I was afraid would alienate my three remaining readers...he he . I have a lot af "draft" listings that just need to be published...... Thank you very much for asking, I'm hoping after Christmas I'll have some time. Many blessings to you and yours.



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