Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The True Nature of Disease.... and the Problem with Vaccinations and Modern Medicine.

We have been told by our science that "Germs"...that Virus's and Bacteria are the cause of the diseases that beset Mankind...
This erroneous belief is also what modern medicine has been built upon.
But the problem's totally wrong.
The problem is once they came up with the "germ theory"...
they quit looking for the real causes of disease.
The questions that needed to be asked were,
Where do the "Germs" come from ?
Why when we "cure" one disease through vaccinations or whatever..., does another disease ,usually worse, suddenly pop up out of nowhere? 
We'll answer these questions in just a bit,
 but meanwhile let's look at the current medical paradigm.
The  current paradigm NEVER EVER treats the causes of any disease..... It treats, or I should masks the Symptoms.
This masking of symptoms will always cause side effects, even when not immediately noticeable.
The program of vaccinations has been one of the most harmful practices placed upon humanity, because it was built upon the erroneous "germ theory", and the repercussions, far beyond the toxins in the vaccines themselves..... are catastrophic once we understand the true nature of disease.
So let's get to that.
The true nature of disease....
There are basically two types of disease...
Mass Karmic....and Personal Karmic.
ALL DISEASE springs from and has been created by Mankind itself......
There is a Law in this Creation where we live and Breathe and have our Being..... many books have been written sort of around this Law. (though most were written to make money, not educate and were skewed in order to make a bigger profit).
But here is the Immutable Law:
Any thought,intention and emotion that is maintained with intensity will manifest something eventually.  This is the Secret which has never been a secret...this is the Law of Attraction which was a term created for the actual Law which would be better called The Law of Attraction and Repulsion..(.but that would not have sold as well.)
But this is the Law of Creation here in this Universe.
Any maintained thought/emotion fueled by Intention and or Love....will manifest something.
IF these motivated thoughtforms are in line with Nature, with Natural Harmony, a beautiful world can be created.
BUT if any of those things that all the religions agreed upon and warned us against, like Hatred, and Greed, and Lust, and Fear, and Anger...... if these are maintained in mass.....such as with Race Prejudice and hatred, such as events like genocides...... what these form on a subtle level, is at the heart of every "germ" that ever comes into manifestation.
Virus's are a creation of mass Karma....of mass thinking that is not harmonious...
Diseases like heart disease,liver disease, kidney disease and such are generally personal karmic diseases, many having been built over many lifetimes.
And sometimes the two work together, such as with Cancers that can have a basis built in Mass Karma that attach to a persons personal karma, defining the location where it will manifest.
Disease is Imbalance working itself out.
Everything in this Creation is always seeking a Harmonious state...
Disease is a physical manifestation of the working out of personal or mass karma.......
and often with older souls disease can be a working out of general mass Karma.....such as was the symbology of Christ dying for the Sins of others.
So basically all disease is at it's source caused by disharmonious thoughts/emotions/intentions....either personal or Group wise.
And here is the thing...
You can NEVER alleviate Karma with a pill, potion or vaccination, in fact in using these methods which only alleviate a symptom, a particular manifestation of the are simply setting it up for another route of expression, another manifested form.
Sure you can eradicate the .... symptom called polio,
 then HELLO, AIDS.
The whole medical paradigm supposes that you can simply cure Karma...... but you can't , it has to be worked through. 
And the methods used, such as vaccinations..... especially when done in mass, simply divert the defined expression (the disease) into another form.
Vaccinations actually hamper the evolution of the individual and of the human race.....  That can't be good.


  1. viruses and bacteria are actually utilized by the body to cleanse toxins, which are the true cause of disease. Yes, negativity is the cause behind it -- we make bad choices and malnourish, and poison ourselves because of them -- as above so below. Negative emotional states also cause our bodies to create toxins that poison us from within. However, polio has never been eliminated ...they only changed the name, lol to create that illusion. Polio is a spinal detoxification of some really bad stuff -- mostly caused directly by vaccine toxins for the "disease" ...over 85% of those who got polio during the worst of it were vaccinated against polio. Aids is largely caused by an inability to digest cooked foods of any kind, caused by recreational drugs, and other toxins -- emotional. There is one diet that successfully cures every disease on the planet whether one processes their "stuff" or not -- it's the 100% raw Primal Diet, consisting of raw, organic, grass fed meats, eggs, dairy -- and also raw green veg juices, raw honey. and raw fruit.

    1. Hey Rayne, I think Vondersplat or whatever his name was had a few good ideas, but don't agree with most of it. We are on a Primal like diet, but cook many foods, contrary to what that dude thought, some foods (unfortunately many popular with Health food fanatics) are being eaten raw which are toxic in that state but very healthy and digestible when cooked. We figured out the fire thing early on for some good reasons..... But he has some good ideas and others I believe are totally misguided...Diet is a topic almost more difficult to talk to folks about than religion........ folks get pretty set in their ideologies..... I try to follow common sense as much as possible. But no diet ever will cure Karmic manifestation.....disease.

  2. cant ''cure'' imbalance with ''quick fix''. you dont eat right you catch cold. it takes time to ';reverse'' a cold. cant do it with drug store fakeries.



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