Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Two types of Mystics

There are Two types of Mystics
The Ones who Maintain and build the Upcoming Paradigm
And those who transcend it. 
Those on the Edge, 
Folks like Einstein, Burbank... and so many of the great Saints.

And those Mystics who have stepped off it,
Like Buddha, Mohamed, Jesus, Krishna etc.

Those who have stepped off the Edge
are the oldest souls.
Those on the Edge are just a little behind them.

There is no "Truth".
in the world of Mankind.
There are only ideas about the truth.
But there is a prevailing Paradigm,
that could be called the 
"Truth of Mankind"

And this paradigm is like a Band of Awareness.
This is a Very Accurate Mystical Term.
Imagine the Rings of Saturn
Those Bands that circle it.
Well within this Thing that I'm Not going to call God,
so as not to instill confusion,
but will right now call Creation.
There are these Bands....
really just one big band
containing lines of apparent separation. 
On the outermost edge of the bands
are the Mystics.
It's like these bands grow...
as Awareness Grows.
And the Mystics sit on the outer edge...
doing a strange Dance.
They comprehend the next step
the next expansion of the band.
and in that comprehension
they aid in it's creation.
They comprehend 
and Create
the outer edge..
the future of Mankind's Consciousness..
...of comprehension and understanding,
          and of physical creation itself.
After All this Creation is actually a Co-creation.
It is an agreement.
Because here is a little known fact
that religion has done it's utmost to hide.
Creation is not a done deal,
not something that an All Mighty God created in it's entirety.
It would be more accurate to say that God Was the seed...
And the whole Point is to Let it Grow.
Creation actually creates Itself continually...
Like every other living thing.
Cell by Cell.
I always hear religious folks saying,
"You can't understand God."
But the fact of the matter is you can understand God simply by observing

So it's really funny, these silly humans,
fighting over ideas and ideologies,
when the fact of the matter is
They ALL agree, right down to a cellular level,
right down to their DNA,
on all the most basic descriptions of this "Reality,"
that they all Share.
And have co-created over the millennium.

The Mystics simply exist on the leading edge of this creation.
Or have recently stepped off.
You can tell the difference,
Those on the edge generally suffer a great loneliness.
Because they live in a world literally beyond the masses.
OK, I'm going to put out a little Mystical fact here,
because I realize I'm creating a mental picture that is not accurate.
And here it is,
The Outer Edge of Creation
is the Center of Creation.
The oldest souls are at the Center of this outwardly expanding Creation.
The further from the center....the younger.
The Edge at the Center
where the Mystics live.
Is very old.
And what is it the edge of...?
what is beyond this Creation?
Well, it's what I call ,
"the Spiritual Sun"
It is the combined Light of all who have grown to their full potential in this Creation. 
Then stepped off.

And here is another little Mystical Clue:
The Spiritual Sun,
 at the Center of Creation, 
is the seed forming,
for the Next Creation.

Most Mystics on the Edge have stepped off
just briefly.....
This gives them a sense of Oneness
 with All of Creation..
Yet a sense of Loneliness,
 in the world of Mankind.
These have been the prophets,
 the leaders of Mankind in thought, and understanding.
They have also been the most reviled, 
the biggest threats to the status quo.
And throughout history have been horribly abused by those assigned to maintaining the status quo,
mainly "the Church".
So for the most part you will find these Mystics lonely,
and afraid to share their knowledge...
a fear that goes deep into their DNA.
The Mystic Saints I mentioned,
those who have stepped off and chosen that,
well actually in the end it really isn't a choice...
They aren't around for us for very long....
Once they get to the Edge, it isn't long before they Merge with the Center,
with the Spiritual Sun.
The idea that Jesus will return, or even that there are any ....arch angels out there to assist us......
is not based in Truth.
Once merged they are gone, and all that is left is what I call a Construct.
An energetic Imprint.
Yes there are angels..... but they are bound by the same Laws that govern the rest of this Creation.
And once a soul has completed it's ..... 
contribution to the All........ 
It's going to Merge...
and that can only be avoided for a very short time...
as is the case with Bodhisattva's,
which are all Mystics.
There are many difficulties for the Mystic on the Edge.
Folks think,
OOOOHH, I want to be a Mystic.. he he
There is all kinds of cool stuff that a Mystic can do....
By nature the most compassionate ones are Mystics.
When you know, as part of your being...
that We Are One Thing...
well, this IS Compassion.
One side effects is an overwhealming sense of responsibility....
for everything and every one.
The Mass or Group Karma.....
suddenly becomes more personal.
A Mystic can't say, 
I've dealt with my Karma,
I've faced the demons of my own dualistic judgmental creations.
Make a note of the above line, 
as it describes in a nutshell,Karma.
Because for a Mystic, Karma has ceased being personal....
The symbolic gesture of Jesus dying on the cross was meant as a lesson about this very thing.... but again lost in translation.
To carry the Karma of the world....
The cross to bear,
is something very common amongst the Mystics on the Edge.
Not a barrel full of Monkeys of fun.
And also, with each new...... comprehension/creation that a Mystic is part of.... is another thing that distances him or her, from the masses of their fellow man......
You could say that the Mystic lives in the UPCOMING Paradigm...
this separates them from the masses who are still working through the current one. 
And here's why they can't but feel lonely.
When what their souls has to contribute...
is feared by the masses.
When speaking their Truth,
has always been dangerous.
Mystics on the Edge are few...very few,
in comparison with all the souls that permeate the rest of this massive Creation....
band upon band, layer upon layer.... with the small circle at the center being very few.... as they keep freaking Merging.
Their numbers remain the same as new souls come into the Center.... but it's always about the same.
And historically, at least for the past millennia, 
the rest just keep exponentially exploding outward in number.
I'm sure if one has the time to explore some of the ancient mystical texts they could even come up with the actual number of the Mystics living on the Edge at the Center... But that's really just for the 5th Ray folks who concern themselves with this sort of thing.
I wish I knew someone who could create a fractal for what the evolution of Creation looks like, because in it's simplicity explains everything. 
The center...the Spiritual Sun Growing.....
The "Cells" of the Creation Expanding in size
and on the outside edge Replicating exponentially.
As the ones in the center fill their allotted space and start rubbing up against those around them..
suddenly they merge into each other...
and then the center....
Everything growing and expanding.....

Anyway I suppose I've rambled enough ...... 
I guess I'm constantly Fishing for folks that might Understand
what I'm talking about..... or in some way gain some understanding from it.


  1. Some are mystics and deny the fact, others cultivate and grow it. In denial it is lost.

    1. Yep, I think it's sort of natural for a lot to deny it when for centuries it's brought them nothing but grief. Getting burned at the stake or drowned can put a damper on one's enthusiasm..But it isn't really ever lost....just waiting until the space feels ripe for it's expression...



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