Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Silly Humans...A Plants Perspective

Silly Humans

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Silly Humans

Did you know that humans are convinced they are the the most highly advanced superior species on planet Earth..

No, I mean seriously.
They Do.
Ha a ha ha..
Ouch, hurt myself laughing.

How they came to this hilarious conclusion is something to ponder.

Possibly it's because they are the only species
 that murders it's own kind
for fun and profit..

Maybe it's because they have figured out 
as many ways as possible
 to disconnect from the rest of the natural world...
and still survive...... barely.

And they look down on us lowly plants
 because they exist at such a low frequency,
 that they can't even hear us.
Not even when we are warning them.
Not even when we are screaming
 as they poison ALL of US,
including themselves.
Very few of them can truly feel each other,
the way we do.
Very few of them feel the Connection
as we do.
We were on this planet long before they were,
and doing quite well.
We can survive and thrive quite nicely
 without them..
But without us 
they would Perish very quickly.

Silly Humans.

In their great knowledge they have lost Connection.
They don't hear us...
But we hear them..
Ha ha ha ha ....

They have drawn imaginary lines on our Home ..
And they fight over these lines and murder each other.
They have drawn imaginary lines in their beliefs
(which are generally half baked)
and they fight and kill over these lines.
And the most "Civilized" of them
 are all Slaves to their beliefs.
They follow like sheep,
shepherds of their own fabrication...
They create systems they call government and religion
which they allow to control them,
losing the direction of their own souls...
Disconnected from Each other
and us.
And in their disconnection from their own souls,
and their disconnection from US ALL...
they destroy this floating paradise that we all share...

From a Plants perspective
 humans are indeed superior in one thing.


So next time you look down on us lowly plants,
 silly human,
understand that we know what you are thinking...
we know what you are feeling and what your immediate intentions are.... even when you do not.
We hear you, even when you can not hear us...

We dream of the day when you will Wake Up
and join US ALL. 

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