Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Final Demon

The following is a reply to a Post I saw on Facebook... a post that I could have easily written 15 years ago, in fact had put together a whole book based upon the ego/soul Illusion....then unfortunately just as I was ready to try and get it published.... I transcended the whole way of thinking.  But I see that it is still a dominant paradigm and major obstacle in the Path for masses of Spiritual folks on the Return Trip...... So once again I'm returning to this topic.

I'm not going to include that post here, but suffice to say it was based in the ego bad/soul good paradigm.

This way of thinking, which was the prevalent "spiritual" paradigm, had it's place in it's time, but for the most part now is more an impediment to spiritual progress, than an aid. 

 There is a point in the evolution of all souls where this "ego" centered dualism based thinking serves the human in that it allows them to see that they have the ability to discern the difference between the first turn of the evolutionary wheel, and it's reversal.  But being a paradigm which is an impediment in itself as it imprisons evolution, and based in duality, which is what the Spiritual Path seeks to transcend.... this has for the masses of spiritual people become a counterproductive approach to the Path.
The "Path" now has evolved beyond the Myth that there is a separate Ego and Soul. That the Ego must be transcended and the Soul embraced. Because the fact of the matter is, and the most important Lesson of this time for spiritual travelers (on the return path) to learn, is that the Ego and Soul are in fact the very same thing...... only at different points on the wheel of evolution.  The ego/soul is that which impels the soul through it's evolution, that energy responsible for growth.   The big mistake with the old thinking was that the ego was bad and the soul good. (the Christ and Satan being the external forms of the archetype)...and the really difficult thing ...making it the most important lesson, is that these two aspects, the Christ and Satan, the Ego and Soul are indeed the very same thing.  When this is realized, and ONLY when this is realized will true compassion and ascension be possible.  Because what is it that we are ascending to?   We are ascending into the Oneness.... beyond the duality where the ego and soul are two separate things. We do not call the seed of a plant evil...and the fruit good. Just as we must come to understand that the stage of the soul we have named "ego" is not bad, and the stage we have labeled not good.  The problem lies in the lack of understanding of how a soul Evolves.  The old paradigm would have us believe it was like a ladder, where we kept attaining new heights, climbing higher and higher..... well this is totally incorrect as Mystics have known from day 1, the evolution of the soul is circular.... a wheel that turns, and then reverses.  A soul comes into existance with one purpose.....and that is NOT to find has in fact just freakin separated from Source.
  It's purpose is to find a unique and separate expression within this Source that it is as a cell within.  It finds this Unique and SEPARATE expression through duality.... through what we have termed Ego (though it is simply the soul at this point in evolution)  . Through basically the duality of desire and fear, through judgements made and built upon desire and fear..... the wheel turns, eventually the soul/ego finds it's Unique and Separate Expression at the point where the wheel comes to a stop....... then the wheel reverses back upon itself.  Up to this point the whole of the souls path has been self serving, there has been no comprehension of the One, of the Source and of the Unity.... there could not be, it would interfere with the souls prime directive, of finding it's unique and SEPARATE place in the overall scheme of things.. Now this whole first part of every souls evolution has been labeled "Bad" by church and "spiritual" alike, because it was self serving "ego" based.  But not one single soul, not Buddha, or Jesus or Mohammed, or Krishna have bypassed   this stage... It isn't possible. 
Ascending is not a matter of overcoming the ego and it's power over us, in fact one must totally relinquish themselves first to the "ego" in order to complete the process of the first part of their evolution..... THEN, and simply because of time and evolution, the wheel reverses and the ego/soul begins it's's journey back to Source where it came from....leaving within the All it's imprint, it's separate's unique cell within God so to speak.... Until through what has been termed "Ego" guides a soul to it's destiny, there is no possible hope of returning to Source.   THEN and only then does the Path of return occur.  This path of return is where all the judgments that the soul created in Duality...finding itself..... are faced.  All those things that a person carries within the expression they call "myself" , based in fear and desire and fear and "desires children", greed, lust, etc. now are faced from a different direction and in order to continue further on the return path, must now be seen through eyes of Love.  This is the Facing of our Demons which is a hallmark of the Return Trip.   And here I'd like to interject that for those truly on the Return Trip it is important to understand that all of the "spiritual protection" techniques bandied about....... simply keep us from evolving.  Once we learn that these demons of our own dualistic creations are not separate, AND are only a danger as long as we maintain them in a fear based duality, AND that we can not evolve until we reconcile them into their dualistic judgmental parts, through Love, we'll basically be Stuck on the spot and they'll just keep coming at us, till we do Love them and let them be....  "Protection" only serves to hamper our evolution.   The problem with the old "spiritual path" paradigm is that it is still based in duality.... in the idea of good and bad, of ego and soul.  Within this Path there is no possibility of real is not really a moving forward but simply a shifting of things around to feel better about oneself....again, based in duality. 
So I guess what I am saying here, the bottom line is that demonizing the "ego" as something we must transcend, is actually counter-productive if one really seeks to evolve. It only maintains the illusion of duality that for those who are truly on the "return Path" is the final demon.  

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