Thursday, July 3, 2014

Present....Eternity. CHAPTER 1

She sat there in her dark corner
remembering the Light.

Tree branches broken in the harsh winds.

Peace a mere breath away.
So she holds her breath...

and refusing to Let Go.

An Archway
Bold and Light
And beyond it
The Dream
All shiny and Bright...

She breathes
and steps through...

A little stream meandering through the meadow...
Birds singing and butterflies 
dancing on the air..

A trail to follow, 
down through the Glen. 

And Lighter with every step.

Yesterday falls to the Wayside.

Suddenly totally free.
And with that Freedom
there is Connection....


No time like the Present ..

Quietly Listening
The Ocean of her Souls Dream....

A sweet whispering song 
in the Distance..

The Roaring quiets itself
To hear the sweet song more Clearly...

And she follows the song....
through the Grasses and Wildflowers...

Cobblestones warmed by the sun
massage her feet as she walks.

She keeps getting fleeting feelings of
The Eternal Moment.

She comes around a small turn in the flow into the Glade
and sees several small huts.
They are up on stilts...
You can tell this area is probably under water 
for a good portion of the time...
So huts have been built
 that stand above the water.
From the huts she hears music...
But it's not what she was following.
And she hears laughter,,
and soft voices..

But she is still following that other sweet sound..
And suddenly she realizes that
it is the Sound of the Light.

And it beckons her soul.

She walks on,
 out of the little Glen 
and into some small Oak Trees...
And the ground begins to quickly rise.
And the woods get denser..
But you can see openings of Light on each end...

There are deep Ravines on both sides of the trail now...
and setting back just a bit from the trail
there are little houses,
built right into the side of the Precipice.

She feels....
By the Woods
and everything beyond them..

She knows this is the Place 
of the Quiet Ones..

She knows,
because she Feels It.



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