Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Obama .....

I've had Four I guess what you'd call “lucid Dreams” about Obama since he went in office. Two were more like remote seeing. I had another last night. These were all very intense...and very telling. The first one was the moment that he found out that he basically had no power.... right after he learned some pretty frightening Government secrets and wanted to spill em.... well he was set straight really fast.
And what gets me is that these really aren't like dreams....they are more like direct perceptions and communications, and what I've seen from the beginning was that he had good intentions, but under threats beyond the beliefs of most humans... he fell in line. But last night was intense....... He was right in my face....and everything he was saying ….. even though it felt totally genuine and from the heart.... I totally questioned it because ...well, of every thing he has ALLOWED on his watch.. Maybe this is the point I ….... need to accept. We love to blame him for this horrible act and that horrible act. Wars, Monsanto protection, disaster after disaster, false flag after false flag. But my heart knows from these interactions that....he wasn't doing them....he was allowing them. And if the general population had any idea of the enormity of the threats made and shown to him...(guess what, Fukishima was not caused by a “natural” disaster.... the earthquake was man made (or so I saw in my “dream”...) and it was just a little follow up threat. But it was right in the very beginning of his presidency when I had the first...remote view. When he saw something on this huge screen that was from a satellite, that actually had the capabilities of seeing below the ground level..... I'm not going to say what he saw in the Nevada Desert, too much for most human brains to ….get around..... but it was pretty major and his immediate reaction was to tell the American people. And this dude, he had short blond hair like a butch cut, fairly young..... put him in his place. And he's been just a puppet ever since. BUT last night It was like he isn't totally giving up doing what is right..... it's just taking place on another level so to speak.... It sure isn't possible within the confines of our Government. It left me feeling pretty strange.  These dreams and remote views are hyper real....more real than every day life...every small detail crystal clear.   But last night I was fighting what he was saying, refusing to hear it, basically thinking he's just lying about all this.....  But that wasn't what I felt inside my heart, it's not what my intuition told me.... And it's totally contrary to what my mind tells me...  My heart and intuition tell me he's a good guy... My mind tells me he's a lying puppet.....
I think he's both.


  1. Yeah, they are all good guys. The Pope is another good guy. Jeff, do you really sincerely think that Obama did not know what the US president's role was like, he did not know that he would have to do (ok, allow to be done, if you wish) horrible stuff not only to his own people but to people in other countries ? That he really thought that he could stop invasion to other countries "in the name of democracy" ? I do not believe this for one second! In fact, I have a very strong feeling that the candidates are chosen by puppet-masters at the young age, they are helped along in their career, watched and selected in accordance with the political situation in a particular moment. For example, how pleased everyone was that finally a black president was elected! I am not sure why they were so happy because this person was also carefully selected and trained to serve the same puppet-masters' agenda as any other that came before him.

    Irina, Ireland

    1. Yes I do, I would not if I hadn't seen it myself.....but there are other things that I know that feed into this. Here's the deal. You have to understand the extent of the "puppet masters"... You have no idea, this is why you believe what you do. So i'll enlighten you here. First what better candidate to get the majority behind than one who is passionate about all the things decent humans are passionate about. You don't need to freakin Groom them in advance when you have the technology to totally control their minds. People are waking up and not everyone can be fooled by simple words..... and Obama's passion for what he felt was real..... that is what sold him to the People. PERFECT, he's in..... now control his mind. This is done without him even knowing it.... ( I was pat of the early experiments into this conducted by NASA and LOCKHEED (as fronts)....I've seen the possibilities way too first hand....and that was back in the 60's...I know it's evolved since then, though can't imagine it being any more powerful. HAARP and Chemtrails are all part of that technology, but it goes even beyond that to color manipulation on TV screens that can simply through the energetic signature of the blended colors..... induce specific thoughts, even chemicals in foodstuffs (stay away from any processed foods)..... The rabbit hole is much deeper than you thought my friend.... And a Black President was manipulated into that position....but he was totally unaware, it had to be that way to really pull it off. They don't need to train anybody, because they can control anybody...even without their knowledge. They will actually believe that the thoughts they are given, are their own. It has to be very hard for Obama, dealing with the cognitive dissonance. For me, when I weas a test subject, my folks were in on it. Dad at NASA and Mom at Lockheed..... they just went along with it.... Yeah there was a voice in my head actually using me (as a kid) to create an amazing machine that allowed plants to express emotion) You can read about this in my blog under Coming out of the scary weirdness closet....... I've learned a lot about some of the Players in that whole scenario since I wrote that....for instance that my Mom's direct superior was an Asst. Sect' of Defense in charge of weapon systems and in particular the HAARP Mind Control pat of the program..... Crazy stuff beyond the wildest imagination of most people. EVERYONE is being manipulated, but focus is on people in "power" . When I was being instruced by this voice in my head to build this incredible machine in my backyard with parts supplied by NASA and a monthly "science kit".... If my folks hadn't been in on it I probably would have thought I was crazy, but my "zoning out" to get instructions was just treated like taking out the garbage, nothing weird about that.... By now they must have a way to control the persons own...WTF is going on here? But he didn'ty know, maybe still doesn't, though Fukishima was used to further insure his enslavement.....

    2. You see right now you are being manipulated to hate a Black President who they are trying to label as Muslim... A black man was chosen for a reason, and I guarantee you it was not to further the love between races. While I'm at it.....don't let them manipulate you into thinking that Muslims are the problem....or the poor....... because if you fall for it, you become part of the problem.

  2. No, Jeff, I totally understand that what happened in Paris, Ukraine, Syria etc. are all parts of the same game. Muslims are currently being used as a target to cause people to fear. I didn't even know they were trying to label Obama as Muslim - I have no idea if he even belongs to any religion at all - it does not make any difference to me, all organised religions are false anyway. Since they try to position him as an intelligent person I would have thought that he would be clever enough to be at least critical about religion. But it is totally outside the point.
    The President is just a puppet, and I am surprised that anyone can think that it is not so.
    I am aware of the ability of the puppet masters to control people's mind. In fact, you can see it every day in the form of mass mind control. It is interesting that you have been subjected to that, I heard that parents who worked on those programmes had to agree to subject their children to the experiments but I didn't think this was true (as in, what parent would want his child to go through that ?). It sounds that once they committed to that work, they probably had no choice ?
    What I was trying to say was if even ordinary people like myself are suspecting a foul play (a bit more than just suspecting, admittedly) then someone who wants to be the President must also see that. Unless, of course, he was already subjected to the mind manipulation from the early age. So what you are saying is that he is a genuine person who wants to become a president to do good for his country and people ? Even if this were true, he must be completely brain-washed not to see what has been done by his predecessors and not to understand that he alone would not be able to change his country's direction. If he does not see that, I am sorry, he is just a fool!

    1. I think he's far from a fool, and did have hope. No more though... And if you knew my parents, especially my Mom. She gladly volunteered me, she believes all the crap they sold her, in fact she was in on the ground floor of some of the most evil stuff. And yes, Obama was brainwashed, but not from an early age, they needed him believing what he was selling. Now Bush is a different story, you can tell by watching all his speeches. He was lying through his teeth and KNEW it..... Now there was a Fool. And yeah, a whole big group of people are trying to say Obama is a muslim...... bogus



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