Monday, January 5, 2015

It's Time

We live in a world where Wars are waged 
for the profit of a very few.

Where hatred is orchestrated by evil men 
to serve their purposes of war.

We are ruled by weak men 
who are ruled by evil men.

These men fuel the fires of hatred, 
which fires their wars.

They own the media 
which is a primary means of control, 
oh so subtly done....
though subtlety is no longer necessary
 as the masses have been successfully Duped, hypnotized and made sickly.

The population is kept poor and sickly, where it's limited energies can only go towards basic self preservation and survival. 

Concern for anything beyond each ones
 personal efforts of surviving,
 if not previously subverted....
is totally self centered.

"Let those people who are different from us die, after all our government tells us 
they want to kill us.."  


Because it IS NOT YOURS.

This is not a nation of "We the People,"
 except in the fact that "We the People" 
are here to Serve masters
 we don't even know....
and for the most part we have lost the ability
 to perceive the fact
 that we are held here in slavery.

You don't own the land
 you gave your blood, sweat and tears for..... 
The government owns it
 and if you don't pay them their "Taxes",
 they will take it from you and let someone else live there who will pay them.

Your elections are sold to the highest bidders,
 who control every aspect of your lives
 and even deaths.

The people you are programmed to Hate.....
and being programmed to hate You.

Quit killing each other
 and nail the bastards
 that are doing the programming.... 
Programming which is counter to the Good
of everyone but the very few of them.
They destroy civilizations....
 they destroy artifacts,
they destroy history with lies,
 they destroy the Planet
 with every freakin move they make.


Why do we allow them to exist in their destructive evil counter-evolutionary practices?

Demons Rule the Earth......

The real humans have mostly been lobotomized by them and serve them Freely.

It's time for Heroes.

It's time for politicians, judges, clergymen, police and military
 and every freakin human that can Wake Up 
 to say,
 "We no longer Serve what is not Good." 
 "We refuse to be slaves to Masters that are not committed to the Common Good of All."

But it has to be a Movement...

We won't fight your Wars.

We won't pay your Taxes.

We will not serve your Evil.

We will not buy your Lies.

Come and get me NSA,
 you spineless servers of evil.

NSA Slaves
Turn your back upon your Piggie Masters.

And serve the Good for All.

It's as simple as that.....
and it is time.

You think because you have the biggest stick....
that you are safe and free.

But you are not Free until you drop that stick,
and open your arms.

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