Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Primary Cause of Autism

The Primary Cause of Autism and why it is becoming so Prevalent.

Well here we go,
This isn't going to be what any of you expect.
We are talking PRIMARY cause.
Yes Vaccinations will cause it.
Yes, pathogenic Gut flora will cause it.
There are a myriad of TRIGGERS that will bring it about.
But the primary cause begins before Birth....
In fact it begins before the fetus is even a fetus.
Now I'm sure I must have written about this before somewhere in this blog, but we are now at a time in this particular incarnation of this Life of God if you want to use that terribly misunderstood word...... In this YUGA, if you want to use a term from some religion out there with a clue about these things.....
We are at a time that this incarnation of Creation has never seen. 
It's a big surprise...nobody I know expected this.
You see, just as we evolve, and have multiple lifetimes....
so does all of Creation.
And we are now at that point in the evolution of this Creation we are part of, that things are as they have never been before.
Up until maybe 30 to 50 years ago Creation was like that Big Bang idea, expanding outward across the void, creating itself as it grew exponentially.... But then came the big surprise....
It hit a Wall.
It was as far as it could go..
It reached it's Limit...
But the thing is,
the cells that make up this Creation did not cease Replicating.
It was this replication (with minor changes we've grown to call, " Free Will", that allowed for the expansion and evolution of the Whole of Creation.
You could say quite accurately that, God's evolution relies upon the Replication of the Cells that it is built from......   It began as one dividing....just as with every thing in Creation, so grows Creation itself.... But just as everything in Creation has an end point, so does all of Creation (though it never really ends, just begins again).
I'm sorry about all this heady information, but to understand the Primary cause of autism, you must understand this.
 So a short while ago Creation hit the Wall, and since the cells can not stop replicating..(it is their very nature).... then what is now occurring is that they are replicating back within the whole, rather than outwardly...... This is a big deal.  So what happens here is there is an increase of Pressure... These cells are all built of Light..of energy, and that energy is compressing within a limited space...and since the cells replicate is happening fast and the pressure of Light and energy is building within the whole.
now we'll talk about dying. When we die there is a process, a little different for each soul depending upon point in evolution and .... quality of frequency, BUT any relatively older soul spends a certain amount of time in a place I call, "The White Hall", for lack of a better word, this is a final stage of the process before reintroduction to a new life and body....and this is a very important stage, as the longer one spends there....the more they evolve.... The Light is like an eraser that wipes clean what I guess you can call Karma. My teachers taught me to stay there as long as possible, and when I was doing the Yoga of the Death State,(dying without cutting the cord to life)...I spent as much time there as I could.... actually more than my teachers recommended, and this changed me so drastically, so fast...that the people in my life would not know me from one day to the next.  One friend once said that he was always curious to come and visit just to see who I was then.. This also is what freaked out my Girlfriend (future wife) and made me go through my Humpty Dumpty episode. Well here is a link and it's actually in a secret blog that I mostly keep for myself, but if you made it this far you can check that out. Humpty Dumpty and the Ghost...   Anyway I digress....
So when we die we go to this White Hall, and the more evolved we are, normally the longer we will stay before we freak out and wonder where our body is...he he, but Yep. 
BUT NOW, the energy of that White Hall is amplified a thousand times more than ever in history...due to the compression of the Light, due to God reaching critical mass (sometimes called "The Quickening").....  And this amplification is causing HYPER EVOLUTION, especially in souls that are a little older..... and when they are reborn they are literally functioning on levels beyond the masses comprehension..... and fitting into the ..... small boxes which the rest of us live in comparatively, is almost impossible.  
Yep, your child with autism is very highly evolved.... too much for the world they came into.
So we try to bring them into our box, to safely incorporate them into a definition that is easier for us to comprehend....
\What else can we do, we lack the ability to come straight at them, because we simply do not exist on the same vibratory level.
The whole wold exist on a different vibratory level than they do...
YIKES.  For them it's like dying, then waking up in the freakin Twilight Zone.
And all we can do is try to bring them a little closer to us.....or is that all we can do?
Maybe it's time we tried a little harder to come to them..... But that is beyond our current ability, and there's no schools out there to teach us to raise our vibration to match theirs.  Can you imagine what it would be like for them if suddenly you were there with them.
Before my Humpty Dumpty Episode for a time I was able to reach was the most amazing thing, very little in my life rivals that experience.  So I know it is possible.
But this whole society, also thanks to the compression of the Light..... is going in the opposite direction, Because the ones who control this society..... the least evolved souls...... who are really being gypped out of a whole portion of their evolution.... the first turn of the wheel where we are all self centered and motivated to collect our descriptions of ourselves based upon that energy of our souls that we have in partial ignorance, labeled Ego.  Ego is the soul during the first part of every souls evolution...ego/soul...same thing... But the motivation of the ego/soul is different, depending upon that souls age.  And the souls seeking power and wealth are the youngest souls....just doing what they have to do to find their "unique separate expression"., which just happens to be the first part of every souls purpose..But now the Light is pushing in on them..... time you could say has speeded up, and they feel that they are losing out on something....and fight that much harder....and control that much more. And the masses are being stupified by the greed of a few, when the trend is of the opposite, of a much higher frequency.   So if society was not controlled by the youngest souls, perhaps we could make an effort on a global scale....TO FREAKIN EVOLVE. Then we could find the answers of how to bridge that gap between us, and our children....without having to bring them down into our own little boxes...

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