Monday, March 16, 2015

Sacred Herb/ Energetic Healing

We live in an energetic world.
Just broken down into different frequencies...
And behind it all
driving it on,
is this LIGHT.
And the Romantics say that that Light
is built of Love...

I think it's more than that.

In fact I think that before the Love came.....

The Intention came.

Well, no...
Chicken or the egg?

But anyway.

We Live in a Sea of Light
A soup that we're all swimming in.
There is a "Natural" state of things..
The Heaven I suppose..
Where everything is in balance,
where the rainbows fall just where they need to. 
Our bodies have a Natural State,
And it feels Good
and it is Good.

But we've totally forgotten what that is like.
Our bodies were meant to move and breathe and have their being 
within  perfect harmony with the world around them.
The water we drink,
and the food we eat
move cleanly through us.
Because this was what our bodies were meant to eat.

Every single speck of Man-made processed 
......I can't bring my self to call it food, but what could I call it?
there you go...
Every single thing we put in, on or around our bodies,
that our bodies were not meant to have in, on or around them,

Why are autoimmune diseases so rampant?

Well, it's like this....

Our bodies are built to deal with 
"outside invaders".
These would include Virus's, Bacteria, physical damage, toxins....
Our bodies have an INCREDIBLE Immune System.

BUT, it was made to deal with a reasonable amount of these things.
The number of things just in that bag of flavored chips,
That crap will drive your body crazy...
Make it work overtime.
One freakin vaccination is about all the toxins your body was built to deal with in say,
A freakin Lifetime.

It's like Civilization's primary goal was,
to Bury the Immune System 
in Garbage.

And it's all energetic.
We are finely tuned instruments made of Light,
and there are certain places and ways that that Light
is meant to.... Naturally Reflect and 
Diffuse into Hues
in very precise
energetic blendings.
We have centers in our bodies,
energetic centers that
when in their Natural State...
have a very defined energetic 

But EVERY thing we put in ourselves that wasn't meant to be there,
Disturbs that energetic expression.
That stuff they are dumping out of the Planes...

Energetic Shitstorm..

Hey humans were built tough,
we aren't quite so tough any more.

So pretty much EVERYBODY
is out of Sync
within themselves,
and therefore
With the rest of Creation.

We have deeply disturbed the 
Natural Energetic Balance.

And replaced it with...

A large Brass Band where every single person....
is playing something totally different than the others
It's out of Tune
 and Time.

 It's a freakin Energetic

And this is the Soup we swim in.


And for some reason these have been Quelled.

Of course the first thing to do is to cease partaking
of the Un Natural.
In itself that's a pretty big step.
You gotta be Brave,
You gotta really Love the real You.

This Non-partaking doesn't 
fly all that well in a society
 that runs on the wheels of Greed.
Capitalism run amok,
where most exist to 
Serve a few.
And those Few.....
So , that's just step 1.
I'm afraid the degree of crap consumed
 and the degree of the ImBalance
is so great that 
a simple diet and lifestyle change,
isn't quite enough.

Why has pot been illegal ?

My theory is Big Pharma doesn't want competition
 from something that
basically could put them out of business.

So they pull their strings...
and our dancing Democracy,
serves one of it's Masters.

Because here's the deal:

Marijuana is Sacred.
Energetically it Repairs
the damage done by this Civilization..

It can work generally,
and very specifically.
The variation between all the strains,
Pretty much covers the energetic spectrum,
and this can be manipulated for the needs of the individual.

If Science applied itself to learning
the frequencies available within the plant,
and the frequencies needed by specific conditions...
and this could be done even with a good classification system,
based upon effects... then the 
specific energetic colors defined 
that serve to balance 
out the blockages,
and over amplifications of energy.

It is a miracle drug that could Save the World.

So pay attention to who blocks it.....

They do not serve Humanity.

I think every politician should have to swear
with their actions and decisions.
And when they 
 serve just a small fraction,
who happen to pay well if you keep them rolling in it,
then they can no longer have the Job.
If you are not serving Humanity..
Hit the Road Toad.
Later Gater.

So in a nutshell.
We are energetic beings
Naturally of certain colors and hues in certain Blends.
There is a Healthy Natural Balance
that exists when one lives
a Healthy Natural Life....


That Quaker Granola and Youghert in a Plastic Cup..
doesn't cut it.

Gotta get Right (Natural) Energetically.

Quit consuming things your body does not recognize as Natural.
Because they are labelled as enemies by your Immune System,
and your body takes action to protect your dumb ass,
that just goes out and eats another 
energetic Nightmare.

And that action that the body takes,
has side effects,
that if this only occurred rarely,
would be no big deal.
But when 24/7 the body is basically under attack from Toxins that have no place in the Natural World.... The cumulative side effects
equate to Major Energetic,
and physical...
and for that matter, Astral
(hence all the Craziness)
Problems that beset Humanity.

Gotta quit that  Toxic Reality...

And Marijuana could fill in the Gaps.

But it is a Science.

Find the right Vibrational Fit..

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