Friday, March 20, 2015

Find Peace

Find Peace


It's a new day.
Waking UP...

Determine that the day will be a caress of Spirit.

And not an assault from Man.

But here is the Deal:

Everything that we feel Assaulted by

is part of US


is part of our creation.

Everything is a reflection of everything else.

The Lack of Peace in the World.
Is a reflection of 
Lack of Peace within ourselves.

Fighting the "Bad guys" out there,
is denial of the fact
that We Are Them
They are within us.

Our Civilization is on the Brink.

Greed has literally destroyed the Health
 of the human race,
and of the planet's.

Those evil Demons...
Cheney, The Bush's but even more those who control them...
Our newest creation
ISIS or whatever the flavor of the week is.
They Live also..
within us.

Who and what do you fear...
wish would go away?

Well they are part of your creation..

We ALL did this.

Here's the thing:

We can't bring Peace 

"Out there"...

Until we first bring it
to Ourselves.

It really is time to Feed the Need

 and Not the Greed.

And Feed the Joy while we're at it.

Because seriously,
the Greed is destroying EVERYTHING.


That is constantly shooting itself in the foot.

Our Anger
and Frustration
and Fear.

Make the bullets fly.

Just as much as ,
"Their" Greed.

We are responsible for the Peace of the Whole.

By finding that Peace within ourselves.

Not by murdering those things,
that we are expressing into the world,
through our own lack of Peace.

This Soup Bowl we're all swimming in....
We might be a pea,
or a we might be a carrot.

But we all are the Soup.

Let's make it Tasty.

So what do we do?

We look at that which we fear..
or have anger or lust about.
Look into the darkest of places...


And this Illuminates them...

And we remain quietly loving
that which we have hated or feared...


OK, Everybody NOW.
Visualize Dick Cheney...

Just Kidding....
but it really can show us some things..

Where does Cheney reside in you and me ?

Everything is a reflection of everything else.

How do we find the Peace?


Stop assaulting the physical body.

It's a lot easier to find Peace,
when you or part of you,
isn't under assault.

That means,

Totally Natural
No added Nuthin.
Pristine as possible..

Find Peace within the Vehicle
that you are walking around in.
Go where there isn't Peace.
And look upon it
without FEAR
without Desire...
With LOVE.

When we truly love
every part of our self.
We can truly Love
every part of the World around us.

This is the "Secret"

It isn't ever really
 "Us" against "Them",

It's always US against US.

Find the Peace..

And here is another "Secret"

At the Center of all the things we Fear
and deny, and hide from ourselves
and ourselves from....

Is the Much Sought after
and Needed


"The Light that 

Take my word for it...

The door to our Freedom
always seems to be

The Last door we Choose.

We feel that the most important things
 are getting the Bills Paid,
keeping food going into our bodies
 without further harming them.

And most of our time is taking up focused on 

Where is the time for Peace?

The phone keeps ringing,
constant distraction....

We feel like if we 
Allow ourselves Peace.

We're fallin down on our Jobs..

This is where we have to change our Thinking

The MOST important thing

is the Peace.

Let it BE

and let IT BE.

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