Monday, May 4, 2015

A few Simple Questions

A Few Simple Questions

1.  If the reason they are spraying toxic substances 

like  barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as

CHAFF], radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel,

 desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins,

 ethylene dibromide, and polymer fibers. all which are 

actually very toxic and immune destroying, ..all over our

 cities , is to save us from Global Warming, then why must 

they do it primarily over the cities, and not more over less 

populated areas?

2.   If the reason they are pushing vaccinations down our 

throats is to protect us from horrible diseases, then why do 

they put some of the most diseases causing immune 

destroying substances on the planet into these vaccines? 

Which by the way causes exponentially more health problems 

than the diseases we are supposedly being protected against ?

3. If they are dosing our water supplies with one of the most 

toxic substances on the planet, (fluoride)...supposedly to 

protect our teeth from cavities, then why is it that all 

scientific evidence has shown that the oral ingestion of 

Fluoride does NOTHING to protect the teeth, but does 

actually the opposite and destroys them creating a condition 

of rotting teeth called aptly, Fluorosis...while also destroying 

bones and a persons Will, hence it's use in NAZI prison 

camps to stupefy the Jews and is a major ingredient in the 

Brain Numbing drug PROZAC.

4. If the CDC, the FDA and the AMA exist to "Protect us" and 

keep us healthy, why is it that more often then not their 

policies advance the use of health destroying substances and 

practices while making  substances and practices that 

cure and heal  illegal?

5. 9/11  ???

6. If the "educational system" is created to educate us, why is 

it that the curriculum only teaches "skills" that train us to be 

part of the "System", but none to be a part from it.... as in 

real survival skills like growing food, surviving in the woods or 

without everything being supplied (through money) by the 


7. Why is the system of government in the United States 

called a Democracy, when less than 1% of the population 

determines who and what we will be allowed to vote for ?

8.  Why do they say we are making wars to bring Peace, when 

this has never ever happened.

9.  Why are healthful healing herbs made illegal while toxic 

health destroying pokes and potions are promoted? 

10. Why do people who claim to be "Religious", seem to have 

more hate, than those that don't make the claim.?

11.  Why are the people who do the most important and 

useful and helpful jobs for the community, get paid less than 

those who do very little for the common good and much for 

the common harm ? 

12.  Why are people who are protecting their Homeland 

called Terrorists and those who are protesting against evil, if 

they are black, called Thugs, or if they are white called 

Domestic Terrorists.

13. Why is the US Government and the governments of 

Nations like Great Britain not called Terrorist Organizations 

when they are at the heart of most of the terrorism in the 

world ?

14, Why aren't Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft, and their Cronies in PRISON ?

15. Why are toxic disease promoting products the bulk of 

what we find in stores for our consumption, and why are 

they cheaper than health promoting products. 

I have a feeling the answer to all of these questions....and 

many more boils down to one answer......... GREED.

So I propose we make Greed Illegal and reward those who Share.....

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