Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Secret War for Profit you don't know about. The real enemy is not ISIS...

OK PEOPLE , I'm going to tell you a little SECRET. It's actually a BIG ONE.  Most of you that are my friends here are aware enough to know that we have wars for one reason.... so a few can PROFIT.  Our whole society is set up as a profit center for 1% of the Population and we know that Wars are a Primary Source of this profit. Wars on People in foreign lands who we murder so that these 1%'s can make a buck off of the bullets, drones, missiles etc. that kill them. THIS WE ALL KNOW. But there is actually a much bigger war for profit going on....and those being killed......are us. Slowly. It is a War on your Health my friends.  Your health is being destroyed for the profit of that same bunch of 1% war pigs....but most folks don't even know it. The air you breathe, the water you drink, the "food" you eat...the vaccinations they tell you you need to be "Healthy", the body care products, household products, garden products, children's toys, etc., etc., etc........ they are all toxic and turning you into big customers for the Pharmaceutical Industries, the Medical and Insurance Industries... Your Doctors are unknowingly complicit, your politicians if not directly involved have bought the lies they are fed about the safety of vaccines and medications and "foods" and the freakin Chemicals they are spraying out of airplanes over your cities.  None of these things that they say are for your own good...Are. They are for the good of that 1%'s bank accounts... offshore accounts so they don't have to be bled as you are via your taxes to finance their profits.    It's time to totally wake up and see that you are the victims of a war against you...... and fight back.  Don't participate in any of these assaults upon yourself that they claim is "good for you". Educate yourselves....... it is not an easy battle for you because they have you totally surrounded...... and those who you have trusted to be looking out for you...... were their front line all along, their secret weapon.   We were duped, and are being slowly murdered for profit.   Time to stand up, get educated (outside of their propaganda system)..... and win this war against you.



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