Friday, September 11, 2015

The Loud Noise of the Ending Dream, and the Silent Roar of Eternity

This is a schitsoid time we are living in..

The Loud Noise of the Ending Dream,

attempting to drown out

the Silent Roar of Eternity.

Being so loud, 

the old dying dream,

demands that we take it seriously.

And sadly most of the time, we do.

But you know what.??

If we all just refused to be a part of it...

And instead 

sought the Silence

and Love of Eternity...

Even if just for a moment,
here and there...

If we were to look to our Spirit,

instead of to the Fools , Madmen, and

Dark Souls who currently "RULE"..

And go where our Spirit leads us....

We could Return to Paradise..

The two greatest weapons against the Noisy Demons of the Past that we can have are..

Silence......and Love

Seek these things above all else..
And you will find again your Spirit,
and your TRUE Path. 


There is a dark vibe that has been attached to that Thoughtform, 
to keep folks from treading there...


It won't make you crazy..
it doesn't mean you are Satanic.

It means you are willing to give yourself the Space, to touch and to hear, the voice of your own soul.....

and the Voice of Eternity.

For a long long time now, The Noisy voices that controlled our lives, via "The Church" and "Rulers"/ and "Governments"......  Have not served to make us Free, to make us the Lighted Beings we are meant to be, rather it has been their Satanic Role to immobilize us... to keep us playing the lower games of ego and self satisfaction. To live in Fear with all of fears children.

  It's "the Rulers"  job,
 it's what they must do...
They can't help it. 
Eternity just kept spitting out New Souls..
And the evolution of these ....and ALL souls began as self serving...ego centered, seeking separation and Uniqueness of expression.....  I'm afraid that's just how it's laid out in the BLUEPRINT.
We first evolve away from our Source, to find that unique position of "self".
Then once that is attained....
the wheel of evolution is turning back upon itself..... 
We seek Oneness....not separation..
We seek Ultimate Truth,
Not the myriad views that can be had of Truth.

Ideas are a thing of the past..
Now it is time to EXPERIENCE the Truth.
And then, 
try not to think about it....

Then experience it again...

Until one day,
We can Live there.

It is no longer our job to follow these,"Rulers"... 
unless we keep agreeing to it.

Let's follow our Quiet Spirit....

let's listen to our Souls...

Let's find Peace..

and bring IT HOME.

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