Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Magical Secret PEARL.

Many years ago...
In a very Magical Land..
I was given
a very Precious Gift..
A Magical Gift.
It was like a special key,
to many Magical Places..
But it wasn't just for me....
and now I am sharing it with you..
This Magical Pearl was two sets of 
They sound like Gibberish
until you Know how to use them....

These are the "Words".

Der Dape Mashtra


Abu Nabe Shin Shom....

When I first asked what they meant,
the answer was,
"The Key to the Door at the Top of the Stairs.."

But these words are nothing without the Intention being applied in a very specific manner.

The proper pronunciation is probably important...
so it's like this:
Like "Truth or Dare"
 (like a Mosh pit sounding Mosh)

The Key to the Key...
is This:

"Quiet the Mask"
Let the World GO.
Breathe Deeply

As you Inhale hear/feel/
(which ever comes most Natural.)
Der Dape Mashtra
going up your spine as you breathe in Deeply.
The words evenly spaced within the deep breath.
Then set for a few beats

Then Exhale

As you exhale


Abu Nabe Shin Shom

then hold a few beats, 
then Inhale again..
And do the same thing..
Do this for a little while..
Then feel Der Dape Mashtra
 circuling and moving up your spine,
and out the top of your head.. 
as you are inhaling


Exhale and feel Abu Nabe Shin Shom
circling down your spine
coming in your head
and going through into the Earth.

Do this a bit...


As you say/feel/hear
Der Dape Mashtra 
going up your spine..
Abu Nabe Shin Shom
circling down your spine..

Hear Both
doing their thing at the same time
It's totally possible.
It usually starts out with one set being louder, like if you are inhaling,
Der Dape Mashtra is louder.
The idea is to let them become balanced..

Then just 
Be the Experience.


Allow the LIGHT

Which is right there Waiting for you.
with something Really Special...

If the power of your Intention is Rusty..
this could take Practice.
But it's also a good exercise for the Intention.

Forgive the Following...it's pretty archetypal,
It's very late and I am shifting into .....

Contrary to what some "Romantics" might like to believe, LOVE isn't the first step to Magic...

It is Intention..

I could be wrong,
 it could just be the "Male" in me that knows this...

This is generally the process of any Magical Creation..
7 Steps

Intention gets the ball rolling

Love gives it beauty and power to Last..

The Words put it to it's course
define it's course.

Then it's "metal" is tested
to see if it will fit into the World.

Then the World makes an agreement with it...
defines it's.....
relationship with everything else.

Then it is welcomed with open arms.

Then it's Magical Purpose is Defined.

The above might be useful to some..
But I gotta go to sleep now.

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