Friday, November 13, 2015

Raise your baby like a Heathen Barbarian

Taryn recently read a book called the Continuum Concept, and related some of the ideas from it to me. This is a book written by a woman who visited various Indigenous tribes in South America, and found that they had the happiest most well adjusted babies and children she had ever seen, far different than the Children Civilization is breeding.   Some of the ideas that she talked about, and the fact that my wonderful daughter just had a beautiful little baby boy, got me thinking about the subject, and how "Civilization" has lost touch with Nature and the Natural way of raising our babies and children. 
One of the most insane and counter productive "civilized" parenting ideas, (most likely devised by some "Father" that realized that having a child meant time and attention taken away from them) is that a baby needs to be left alone sometimes, and letting it cry itself to sleep will somehow train it to live in the "real" world.  The reality is all this does is create children and adults that feel disconnected, that feel alone....that do not feel loved, and that lack a firm foundation. (Believe me, this is the style I was raised under.)
Those Uncivilized Heathens, (the ones with the babies that never cry, don't have emotional issues and grow into healthy moral naturally good humans) know that babies need to be Held, be touched....all the time, every moment until THEY decide they don't need it. Contrary to "Civilized" thought, this will not create needy whiny little pain in the butts....(those are created by following the "Civilized" approach). 
Babies need to know where you are all the time,(and to a baby that is right up against your body). Leaving a baby alone terrorizes it, and the fact that it may eventually stop crying, does not mean that the terror is gone, it simply means that the child has given up on you as being there for them....and this is built into the foundation of who they will be as a young child , a teen and as an adult. They can not depend on you.  So we end up with a "Civilization" where it's, "every man for himself"...where community and family are just words...and people feel alone and isolated. We end up with a "Civilization" of  Disconnected, Perpetually Needy (and therefore Greedy and Fearful) Individuals.
Another Insane and truly Barbaric Civilized Belief has to do with Feeding the baby. 
Scheduling feedings is about as wise an idea as attempting to tell a leaf when it's time to fall from the tree. There is one expert source for when a Mother is to Feed her baby, and that is the Baby. And there is one expert source, the ONLY expert source of when to stop feeding the baby....and that is also the baby.  Any other source really has no freakin clue and their motives for attempting to control something as uncontrollable as the TIDES, the Seasons and the orbit of planets, are questionable . 
There is a Natural Way to do things, most "Civilized" humans have lost their connection with what is Natural and Healthy.... they listen to "experts" whose heads are firmly planted in their dumb asses...... and everybody and everything suffers.  There is really just one answer to raising healthy kids...and being healthy ourselves....and that boils down to......opting out of Civilization and becoming a "Heathen Barbarian." Join the Club before we "Civilize" ourselves into oblivion. 


  1. would you please consider sharing this insightful piece of brilliant writing on childrearing to your facebook page(if you have one)or your wife's "woolymoss roots" page,so that it may be shared with a wider audience? more folks need to read this....i wish i knew it 30 years ago when my two were babies...thank you in advance.... <3



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