Sunday, November 15, 2015

Christianity and Islam Really two peas in a pod

Once upon a time there were two very wise men. One they would later call Jesus, the other Mohammed . These men were way ahead of their time, you could say that they were on the outer edge of Creation...and they understood things that most did not understand at the time. Most of all they Understood that Love was the most important thing for Mankind to embrace...They taught Love, and healing. They had very powerful Souls, which could influence others..... they were a big ripple in an even bigger pond. They had no religion themselves, just the Wisdom that comes from the Experience of Truth. They Taught others what they knew.

Fast forward a couple thousand years.

The Truth as the men taught has been corrupted by evil men, or just plain ignorant men who could not understand the prophets words because they simply had not evolved to the point where that understanding was possible. These “religions” have rather been used as a means of controlling the masses. The followers of Jesus have murdered for thousands of years in the name of their Prophet. There were Crusades against Muslims...millions died and are still dying, against Witches (folks who would not accept the “religion” )...and there was the “Manifest Destiny” of the Christians that motivated them to murder Millions of Native Americans in the name of their God.
Remember that dude Jesus....who taught Love. Well this so called religion now has little to do with what Jesus was a religion created by men, to serve their own purposes.
Then in the Muslim neck of the woods their “religion”....also a creation of Man, which degraded beyond recognition of the words of the prophet.....had it's own foolishness. They were told (by men, not their prophet) that killing themselves for their beliefs had merit and would gain them favor in Heaven. Of course their prophet never said anything like this, but men wrote it down in a book and claimed it came from the prophet....and the Sheep followed....
So now we have two major religions that deal in Death and destruction as if it is Policy, as if it some how serves their God. Which anyone who still has control over their own minds and souls know is delusional. But alas throughout the thousands of years of having these distorted beliefs burned....hanged, crammed down our throats in the most vicious of fashions....our very DNA forces us to accept the most ludicrous of ideas....ideas with no basis in reality. We are afraid to even question the Absurd Fairy tales that we have been tortured into believing are true....we accept without question the stories, less credible than Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny....without question. “Of course there is some Super Hero Dude that Created everything and of course he came down and had sex with some Virgin (without breaking her Virginity..he had a very tiny penis I guess) and left his super hero son down here to start a religion that would bring death and destruction to the planet and slow human evolution to a near standstill....what Good God wouldn't do that?”
So we now have two major religions here. One you kill for, the other you die for. 
 If I was forced to choose between the two....... it would be very difficult.
It is time for people to quit listening to the words written by men in Books that are in no way Holy....and listen rather, (as their prophets instructed them) to their own Hearts..... to their own souls. And here is a clue....Never in your heart and soul will you be instructed to kill or die for any belief. Because there is no Truth in that....there is no Love motivating that.... But rather it is Evil that men have disguised as “religion” to advance their own purposes.
Listen to your heart and soul...... not religion.
I believe I would follow the teachings of both Jesus and Mohammed if they were here now speaking to me..... but I have no use for the words of men in books who speak for their own purposes....

Give me a prophet.....or I listen to my own heart and soul.....

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