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New Thoughts on Vegetarianism and Veganism

Some new thoughts on Vegetarianism and Veganism

Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook
by a "Friend"
who is a Monk over near Tibet.
It was about basically equating the eating of meat
with little hope of Spiritual Advancement.
I've heard this before, 
for many lifetimes.
And since I can relate to this monk friend,
and appreciate his view...
As in my last life
I was a monk in Tibet.
 And have followed that meatless dictate
in quite a few 
of some very short lives.
So instead of listening to my thoughts on the subject,
replying in my mind to my thoughts
about his thoughts...he he

I decided to ask my Soul..

So I meditated on it...

I guess I need to mention here what,
"Meditate upon it"
in this context

It is the cessation of thought
and feeling
and a one pointed 
attention of the Intention

Could be the Sound...
or the Light .
Or the Breath
Or what is going on,
 circulating up our spines.

But in this case it was the 
Idea that not eating meat
should be part of one's 
"Spiritual" Practice.

So when we Meditate upon an 
idea or ideal..
We follow the creation of that idea or ideal,
Back through the Creation of it.
 This is automatic when we silence our minds and emotions and focus our Intention.

Everything we Know
is built upon a pattern that we only see the end result of,
or the "Current" End Result. he he
And through "Contemplation"
And into Meditation
we travel through it's pattern of creation
back to the point of the initial spark of it.
And then see it in the Context of
Everything Else.
But by the time you arrive at that point 
there is no thought involved,
simply the perception of moving simple shapes..
Which tell the whole story,
as clearly as can be told.
But being apart from thought,
this understanding
to be conveyed to others,
must pass through thought.
So alas when we speak of what our souls know
things that are beyond description
by their very nature.
We must employ the mind and thoughts 
to communicate it. 

Clothing an Archetype

But until we can go there together,
and perceive it together,
I gotta try to communicate it to you.

And here is a Interesting Historical Fact:

Many Sages and Teachers throughout time
have told tales of these journeys into Spirit,
getting answers.
But the answers can't be spoken of.
So Parables; little stories were made up.
These stories were the Archetypes Clothing.

And the problem with a clothed archetype is

It ceases being an archetype,
and becomes an idea.   (oops)

Once it becomes an idea,
there is little chance of it being
purely understood.
(except of course through the process of meditation,
that we are talking about here.)

So , back to the historical fact, he he.
What sadly happened to all these old parables and stories of the sages IS
They were the clothing on the archetype.
And they were mistaken for
The Archetype.

Meaning Lost.

So my difficulty here is
Exposing the archetype
with as little clothing as possible.

Something that happens first 
during the process of following the thought
back to the archetype.
Is we can pick up flashes....
catch phrases...
little bits that exist to hold the thought together.

As I was contemplating the Vegetarian/vegan question.
One catch phrase that passed by was,
"Do No Harm"
As this is central to my core
I took an astral sidetrack down that .

Here is an archetype symbol that bears meditation in this context.

Anyway, here's my 
clothed archetype of the journey down that

The Circle of Life

Not one thing exists
in All Creation
Whose Life doesn't Serve
the Lives of all the others. 

Man stands alone in all this
because of His Mighty Intellect.
This is mans possession
with which he claims superiority,
to all the other life forms.
But alas it is his intellect
that has divorced him from Nature
from Real Pure Unadulterated LIFE.
And he has lost the Understanding of
The Circle of Life
and set himself aside from it..
With nothing but disastrous results.

All the great Intellectual Accomplishments
and the discoveries based upon them
have not brought man closer to Nature,
but further separated him from it.

A Whale eats a tuna,
the Tuna eats a mackerel,
The Mackerel eats a sardine,
the sardine eats .....
All the way down to microscopic organisms.

Does the whale lose it's ability to evolve
because it has taken the Life of a Tuna?
Is the Tuna somehow ,
"less spiritual"
because it ate a mackerel.


But if they were to suddenly gain an intellect
and decide that they were wiser that nature...
and cease eating what they are meant to eat...


The vegetarian with good intention wants to alleviete 
the suffering of the animals
that they are meant to eat...
But instead,
because this is not the Natural way..

There are Man's Laws
and there are Laws of Nature.
Man's Laws don't mean a whole lot in the whole scheme of things.
They are 
usually created to control people and wealth,
and breaking them can just make it
uncomfortable for the person forced
to pay the fines deemed by their 
But when Natures Laws are Broken,
there are Real Problems.

You see man in his allmighty Intellect
has focussed on certain things
and missed some important other things..
He sees an animal dying to feed another,

if it feeds a human,
 the Vegan thinks it is wrong..
Of course if it feeds another animal, it's OK..
I mean that's the Circle of Life...

Well guess what,
Man is part of that Circle of Life..
and setting himself outside of it,
is a recipe for disaster.

So the Vegan pities the animal that has given it's life
so another can live.

Pities the animal .

When if the Circle of Life was understood,
he would respect that animal,
love it, 
and thank it .

It is a noble part of our purpose that one day we will decompose
and feed the rest of Creation
with our dispersing atoms.
It is a Noble,sacred thing.
But to pity a noble sacred thing,
is to rob it of it's nobility,
to rob it of part of it's purpose.

Because we are humans with our mighty intellects,
and misplaced compassion,
we might believe that that cow
has every right to live a long and full like
to have a nice home and family,
a good education and health plan
and an early retirement with lots of Grandkids
sitting on it's lap singing Kum By Ya.

That is because we are Humans that have lost our connection
to Nature.
And what we call Compassion,
is not Compassion,
and remember this,
What compassion is 
is the Understanding that
We are One Thing

This is the purest form of Compassion.

Pity is not compassion,
sharing misery is not Compassion.

Once again,
Compassion is the Understanding that,
We are One Thing.

The dualistic human notion of
us and them
Us taking from them to live....
is based in confusion,
and looking at the picture from just one angle.
Focusing on the taking.....
and negating the nobility
and the Truth
and the Compassion

People used to give thanks before they ate...
Not many people do it anymore because the
practice became distorted by religion, 
that gave thanks to some separate super hero in the sky 
for what they received.
When the Thanks is to the Animals and plants
 that was before and after them,
that allowed us to live out this portion of our lives.
Thanking as much the Giving
(as we will some day give)
as the Recieving.

and non-living for that matter
thing in all of Creation...
Contains the same Life
the same consciousness....
as everything else.

We are one Thing,
simply manifesting in different ways.
The life of the plant
equal to the life of the animal
and even equal to the life in a stone.
So rather that giving pity
and robbing an animal of it's nobility in it's Giving,
while simultaneously somehow thinking it's just fine to kill plants.
We must acknowledge the nobility of the Giving. 
Of all things

It's more in
The Flow of Life
To grant the animal we ingest
it's nobility
and it's place in the Circle of Life.

Our attempts to remove ourselves..
and the animals that feed us
from the Natural Circle of Life.
Will only cause difficulties.

When Pity replaces Compassion
sickness is the outcome.

When we attempt to be wiser than nature
through our intellect and emotions (pity for example).

We lose...

....and so does everything else in Nature. 

And so back to the,
"Do No Harm"
that is central to this ideal.
We must realize that harming our bodies...
by an improper diet..
is harm.
And the harm that comes to the animal,
whose Giving is Negated by Pity,

And the Harm that comes to the Whole,
when a part believes that it knows more,
than the All. 

When Man is separated from Nature,
by his intellect and emotions.  

Everything Suffers

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  1. I've been contemplating this also and you have just made it very clear. I felt the same as you but didn't know the reason yet, now I do. Very well said and thank you for making clear something that I felt but couldn't put into words until now.



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