Sunday, December 27, 2015

At the Center of Every Thing is Light, and at the Center of Everything.

At the Center of
 Every Thing
 is Light, 

and at the Center of 
is Everything.

We can find the Biggest Portal
in the smallest place.

But it Requires Absolute Silence..
And Intention...

These are True Words..

Within just a single cell within our bodies,
And within every cell....

Lies Eternity

That's a big deal.

The circumstances and situations
 of our daily lives.

Pales next to this.

And disappears.

It is time to start taking BREAKS..

Removing ourselves
 from upholding our Description 
that we maintain as

Once we cease defining
We begin Perceiving.

If we wanna learn
we gotta shut the heck up...
Because the only Real Teachers we have,
are our Souls 
and Others
we can only hear...
in complete Silence...

And that doesn't happen when we are worried about the kids,
or paying the next bill, 
or the destruction of the planet
 and the health of everything upon it.

The answers are not in fretting and figuring...
They are in being Silent....
and Listening.

Our Souls
and other Teachers...
got us covered....
we are quiet enough to hear
that Small Voice...
of Eternity


But we have this Fear
that if we stop upholding
our Description of Reality..
Even for just a brief moment
It might all fall apart..

If we allow ourselves Absolute Silence
A burglar will break in,
 a Republican might get elected,
 And most likely the apocalypse will happen without us there to 
deal with it...

But that is just part of the Curse
The spell we've all been put under..

It's time to be..
and allow the Light 
that we Truly are.

{so i guess I should give fair warning here.... Jumping off our Description of Reality....into Silence....can be unnerving... in the beginning and the end. First of all it's strange to be floating with no reference points...and this is where the Intention is employed....Then it's Blissful...Union...Light...Eternity.....then something goes,"Where am I"...and you re-enter. You want to stay in that middle point... The Light, as long as possible}.

We are the Song
of the Light
and we sing It
into Being.

Here's another little Secret.


I know, there is this deep seated genetic Need 
to have a God,
 sittin out there
being responsible for it all..

But there isn't.
It's like the chicken and the egg thing..
which came first.

The God of the current Creation
which we are taking part in Now..
is yesterdays Creations Epitome.

These words are true
and rarely spoken
but does anyone even hear?
Except as an agreement with those
who already know the truth of these words.
Is it even possible,
to teach, what is an experience...
with words..

Well of course..
it's Teaching Meditation..

If a person has not seen the Light,
or sat on the outer edge of Eternity
looking back over it's 
Then attempting to explain that...
aint gonna work.
But if you tell them how to get there...
that Could..

A point comes in the evolution of humans...
where Meditation is
Mandatory..he he
You can eat your health foods, avoid toxins..exercise and do freaking Hatha Yoga....
but that's not enough.
Sooner or later you gotta go to The Light.
Well actually you just have to Allow it to Be..
It's there always
in every cell...
but we're too busy livin in this little
disconnected parcel we proudly refer to as 
That we can not see
or Hear it.
It is Light
but also Sound
They are the same...
So you can Listen for it...if that works
or you can look for it.
Or you can do both...
You end up in the Same Place
Which is the Light of It All.

And OH MAN...
Bliss and Ecstasy are two words that come close..
You'd have to mix those words together, and multiply by 10.....
That is how the Light feels.

It is singing you
and you are singing it..


  1. what will happened will happen without any doer ,just constantly changing zen images forever, always been that way.god is permanently asleep and we are god's dream. ''he'' does not know ''he'' exists ...and no sepetate god creator or separate ''creation'' exists. even the ''now'' doesent exist. ''just'' another constantly changing fleeting shadow.nothing needs to be done to be the infinity that is the ''you'' that is just another image in a non existent'' gods'' non existent dream! wow,even ''infinity is a concept. ....hmmmm....even the 'now'' is ''false''. so is the definer that calls things ''false'' ,namely ''you''!no one at home for eternity! you are in a deep sleep,that is the ''real you''. ''as solid as can be'',infinity, which is a non existent ''thing or space''.any image is a non existent shadow. we are just (apparent''' ''pressures, the daily life we experience...all fleeting shadows of daily ''pressures'',all shadows according to some...

    1. All shadows....or possibly all Light...And it is possible to awaken..But I don't think "God" awakens until the Instant of It's death...and rebirth..and then just momentarily .then the whole Dream process continues. Within All Creation there is no Infinity, and outside of Creation it is irrelevant.



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