Thursday, January 7, 2016

Humanic Depression He He

Sometimes you might
 think I don't love my Fellow Man.
Because I become so sad,
and disgusted
and downright angry...
Over what they are doing...
And what is being done to them.

An unholy alliance of 
of a Complicity
to deny the Soul.

The Dance of Dreams
 driven by Greed.
and Fear
and envy
and guilt
and hatred
and Lust

The Puppets
and the Puppeteers
engaged in an

And that agreement
is a denial of

So they Dance
in the Dream...

The Mind and


The Peaceful Heart


Well here's the News...

so you better just accept it.



Peace is Here.

So we gotta just quit fighting it...

And Let it Be..


Everyone in the Dance believes

that what they are doing 
is Necessary...
and on one level
 it is...


The only real purpose of the dance 
is to Deny the Soul..

And the Soul
is what we must 
and Will
Return to.

No Exceptions

That's a fact Jack..

And that is where

Everything that we know
in the dance
has a whole pattern of evolution..

Each and every thing..

Deep Roots

Which we have lost connection with.

We dance on the Surface..

Because here is an interesting Factoid:

At the beginning of all the things
that we know,
 and that make up what we know
and that we think we know...he he
and the beginning of all the Zillions of patterns
of all these things...

Is Peace

the Soul

So, we're Connected 
even though in the Dance

We've forgotten.

Time to Remember

We are Holy Souls

Dancin a Dance

Well I'll tell you what..

Let's all quit Dancin.

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