Thursday, January 7, 2016

All Souls Dancing

If only we could all begin operating as Souls.

Quietly Listening 

All the Time



But we're dancing that darn dance
referred to in the previous post

It's so hard to write
because I have too much to say.

OK, so here's the deal here ...

I'm writing this here to the folks
 that already know
 that Humanity is Decaying.... polluted by Greed 
and it's money making Bi Products 
that the air,
 and water,
 and soil
 and oceans...
and Animals

and the 

are almost Polluted beyond Repair.

The one's I'm talking to here
figured that out in time...

And made some necessary changes.

So what are we supposed to Do Now?

Well the surprise answer is
for the most part....

We don't.

We don't 


We freakin 


Because when we are Doing
we are doing the Dance.

But when we aren't doing..
We Connect with Peace
Our Souls
(by the least common Description of that particular entity.)

All the Souls Dancing
is what 

It is time to Dance that Dance
in all it's Blissful Glory.

It just occurred to me that some folks that haven't
Been in the LIGHT
might misunderstand the word
You might think it is a sensory thing...
and it of course will bleed through all that..
Bliss is that which is beyond all Sensation..
or maybe it's the epitome of 
ALL Sensations..
But whatever...

It needs to be the next area
 of exploration..
and it is a Bi Product
of an interaction with 
our Soul.

 we can literally find ETERNITY
in the heart of any one cell.
and every cell
in Creation.
is a Sacred Connection.

Time to Let go of the Things

Or maybe


All the Things

and Be

 the Connection.

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